“There are towns where culture hits you in the face and towns where you have to dig for it. There are towns where creativity feels at home and towns where those with the least bit of it are making plans to leave. Between the haves and have nots, Richmond constantly straddles the fence. The town is full of historical baggage and political barriers but also a stubborn people who are striving — successfully — to nurture all things progressive from art to music to craft and commerce. What Richmond needs is a media source that helps the diggers find what they’re looking for and the doers proud to call Richmond home. It needs to act as a symbol for where we are and where we’re heading. That source is RVA.”

— Rad Tollett, VP Senior Strategic Planner The Martin Agency

The term “RVA” has been around since the early 80’s and was a slang term used by hardcore/metal kids back then. To say “RVA”, “Fist City”, or “Cap City” meant we were speaking the same language and lived the tough street life that ruled downtown Richmond. As time went on, it was picked up by others and by the 90’s it was a moniker of pride for the hardened locals that stayed in our city as it became known for its high crime rate and ineffective government.

Fast forward to 2005, when we started our little magazine with the help of a new generation of artists and activists that found themselves here because of a renewed optimism and expanding VCU campus - more people were starting projects and there was a need for them to have a voice, a rally point and platform. The title “RVA” was a natural choice for our publication and community to grow around. A nod to the ideas that came before and a starting point for a new Richmond built around positivity and creativity.

Its been 5 years since we published our first issue. We have grown as a magazine into a media company and the term “RVA” is everywhere. The title and magazine have become synonymous with youth culture and progressive ideas in a new Richmond.

Mission Statement

RVA is a magazine that communicates the music and art trends of Richmond, VA and surrounding areas to our loyal readership. Our goal is to spotlight not only Richmond’s thriving culture but the region in a quarterly 10 x 13 full size, full color, book quality, FREE format.

Since our first issue in 2005, our award winning design and smart editorial has created a strong brand that has become an instituion for the creative and young professional.

Our readers are clearly changing things for the better, and we are here to connect the community through our beautiful print publication, RVA social network and RVAmag.com.


Available Online

RVAMAG.com is the ongoing conversation we have with our readers. Posts of local, regional and national concern are made several times a day, all filtered through the lens of the Richmond aesthetic. RVA is presented in its entirety on RVAmag.com. The website also serves as the forum for locals and expatriates to sound off about the good, bad and ugly aspects of Richmond life. RVAmag.com has a loyal following of 35,000 to 50,000 unique visitors monthly.

RVA TV is the video arm of our media attack. With our in-house programming and a keen eye on local video, RVA TV has become the platform for all of Richmond’s finest work premiered within our site. If a picture says a thousand words, we’re writing the novel of the Richmond art, culture and music scene with in-depth interviews, eye in the crowd coverage and well produced shows. All HD too!

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