Radio Rubber Room, EP20 feat. Silo Effect

Posted by: – Jul 07, 2011


In this weeks episode Matt Hughes and Steve Owen from Silo Effect joined us in-studio to talk about their music, play some tunes and indulge in some good old fashioned goofing off. This was Manzelli and Simons last show so the guys gave them a farewell during "Simon Says" so they can run away to New York and get gay married. Matt and Steve awed and inspired the guys with their impressive festival performance experience and vast catalog of mind altering music. Silo Effect talked food, local restaurants/venues, light shows and the possibility that Dan's enormous head is proof he is really a human/alien hybrid. Don't miss this episode, for it will definitely, most likely not be selected as an inductee into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame.

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1) Proverbial - End Is Never

2) The Kindling Kind - Wild Child

3) Peoples Blues Of Richmond - Only Insane

4) Brand New Groovment - Girl In The City

5) PsychoBilly Cadillac - Out Of Mind

6) The Good Birds - John Henry

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Photo by Matthew Henry