One Way Richmond's Show Picks 8/18-8/21

Posted by: – Aug 18, 2011


Thursday, 8/18 Flesh Mountain Boys, Whiskey Rebellion (pictured above), Mills Family Band @ The Camel 10:30pm.

Thursday, 8/18 The Moonbees @ Balliceaux @ 10pm

Thursday, 8/18 Quango Almo (pictured above), Cellar, Devin Grubbs @ GlobeHopper 6pm.

Friday, 8/19 Alexander & the Girl (pictured above), Arabia Terra, Lauren Michael Sellers @ Sprout 10pm. 18+

Friday, 8/19 Infernal Stronghold (pictured above), No Tomorrow, War Graves, Earthling, Pizza H-Five, Powercup, Violent Gorge @ Strange Matter 7pm.

Saturday, 8/20 Post Hadad’s Rager feat. Deep China, Inter Arma (pictured above), Count von Count, Murder, Towers @ Strange Matter 8pm.

Saturday, 8/20 Euphoric Productions presents PSYKAFUNKAPUSS - 15 year anniversary event featuring Charles Feelgood, AK1200, Monk with Hallucination on Film, Terry Mullan, Faust and Shortee, Gambit, along with local DJs Shugadadde, Muramasa, JMungz, Split Mantis, Hotpock3tz, Jereme Rometti, Throdown, DX @ The Canal Club 8pm.

Saturday, 8/20 Bearstorm (pictured above), Man Takes the Sky, Bay of Pigs @ Sprout 10pm.

Saturday, 8/20 The Malamondos (pictured above by Christine Rucker), Venus Throw, Rare-Do-Wells @ Emilio’s in the Fan 9pm.

Saturday, 8/20 Afro-Beta feat. Special White Nile Addition with Mikemetic @ Nile Ethiopian 10pm.

Saturday, 8/20 Roma, Secret Agent T (pictured above), Precious Fluids @ McCormack’s Irish Pub 10pm.

Saturday, 8/20 Hadad’s After Show feat. Punch, Loma Prieta, Muderburgers, Vacation, Hold Tight! (pictured above) @ The Camel 9pm. All ages.

Saturday, 8/20 Midnight Blues Band @ 3rd Street Diner (3rd & E. Main St.) 11pm.-2am.

Sunday, 8/21Triac (pictured above by Corky Berlin), Backslider, Khann, Bloody Phoenix, Street Pizza @ Strange Matter 8pm.

Sunday, 8/21 Mutwawa (pictured above), Fuckton, Dubknowdub, GDFX @ Ghostprint Gallery 6pm.

Sunday, 8/21 Liza Bance @ Commercial Taphouse 9pm.

Sunday, 8/21 Slapdash pres. For the Love of Hip-Hop feat. Sleaze (pictured above by Justin Philips) w/Just Plain Ant, Ohbliv, Ms. Proper, Zaiah Burke, Phil the Thrill, Radio B, Chance Fischer, Eli Dynamite, Booki Bluntz, hosted by Brice & Tan @ The Camel 10pm.

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