Radio Rubber Room EP30 Feat. Dane Ferguson

Posted by: – Sep 22, 2011


Last Saturday, Dane Ferguson joined us last minute on Radio Rubber Room. He brought his guitar and some really cool songs he wrote inspired by life in Richmond. Though Dane had no idea what he was getting himself into he was a good sport and rolled with the punches for two straight hours. At the end of the show, he even ate one of the old rancid hotdogs we brought for him, and he liked it. New content this episode: The Fine World Of Art w/ Alijuandro - Sculptures.

Track List:

1) Muelle- Torn Down

2) The Canary Promise - It's a Free Market (Baby)

3) No Dice - Flying Machines

4) Paul Westbrook - Streets of Amsterdam

5) Proverbial - Drug of Choice

6) The Good Birds - John Henry (Live on RRR)