Jon Stewart Moshing in RVA!?

Posted by: Tony – Jan 28, 2012


Is this really Jon Stewart of The Daily Show? [Spoiler: no. See below.]

Here’s a photo taken by Irish Willis Peele of a young Jon Stewart (center) moshing at a Dead Kennedys and Front Line punk show at the Casablanca club in Richmond, Virginia. When the photo was snapped in July 1982, he was a student at William & Mary and went by his given name, Jon Leibowitz. -- from the Laughing Squid

Thanks to @blackwells for finding this Richmond nugget.

Oh and by the way, readers of Strange Daze will recognize Cliff Farrar and Pen Rollings immediately in front of "Jon Stewart." --Andrew

UPDATE: Doug Dobey confirms what I was already pretty sure about--that is not Jon Stewart but former Red Cross/Prevaricators bassist Alford Faulkner. The process of nerding out took place in multiple posts on my blog this morning: first one, second one, third one, fourth (and hopefully last) one. But hey, this was fun, right? --Andrew

UPDATE #2: Huffington Post has linked to our research on this photo!