The Big East Debuts Big This Week

Posted by: Necci – Feb 09, 2012


This is going to be a big week for Amazing Ghost fans. With recent news that the group will be taking an indefinite break from performing, Edward Prendergast has been hard at work on new material. His new project is entitled The Big East, and they will be hitting the circuit hard. On Thursday, they will debut their unique take on electro-pop at Bellytimber (1501 W. Main St.) alongside hell raisers Kid is Qual. If you know what’s good for you, you won’t dare miss this night of party anthems and pop intricacy.

Let’s say you already had plans for Thursday, or you are worried about calling in sick to work on Friday. Well, don’t fret. The Big East will be making a dent once again by dropping by The Camel to open for the one and only No BS! Brass Band. DJ Count Dakkula will be filling in all of the intermissions with righteous jams. Oh and while you’re there, you could always take the opportunity to say hello to Reggie Pace, and ask how Saturday Night Live was.

If you are a fan of Amazing Ghost, these performances aren't to be missed. Expect a darker, rawer side of their enigmatic sound, which will surely become the new soundtrack to nights lived to their fullest, as well as the deep dives of subsequent hangovers.

The next installment of Shannon Cleary’s Audio Dancers will feature The Big East and a detailed preview of many demos that Prendergast has been working at for a good while. Stay tuned!

Words by Shannon Cleary
Photo by Ian M. Graham