TONIGHT: Caged Animals At Strange Matter!

Posted by: Necci – Mar 05, 2012


In the aftermath of Nelly Kate’s triumphant record release weekend, the fun hasn’t stopped. One of the bands that performed at her art opening this past Friday at Gallery 5 will be returning in what feels like a blink of an eye. Caged Animals were a tremendous sight to behold as they took the stage to a receptive audience. Toying with indie rock conundrums while organizing their musical thoughts to display a remarkable penchant for subtle wordplay and relaxed melodies, Caged Animals will leave you wanting more.

The group will be returning to Richmond tonight for a free show at Strange Matter. Joining Caged Animals will be Pastoral, Merrin Karras, and Paul Ivey and The Rubes for what should be a unique and phenomenal night of music. You really can’t go wrong, considering that this is yet another tour stop for Caged Animals as they venture towards South By Southwest, and it’s free (with encouraged donations of course). If you are still on the fence, witness the glorious pop daydreams found in Caged Animals’ track “Teflon Heart:”

With delightfully spirited jaunts through the mysterious universes that Caged Animals have created, it should come as no surprise that their 2011 release Eat Their Own has received the critical acclaim it definitely deserves. If you missed them on Friday, make sure to catch them tonight when they quickly return to Richmond to win over even more adoring fans.

WHAT: Strange Matter Semi-Local Showcase
WHO: Caged Animals (from Brooklyn, New York), Patoral, Merrin Karras, Paul Ivey and The Rubes
WHERE: Strange Matter, 929 West Grace Street
WHEN: Monday, March 5th, 2012, 9 PM
ADMISSION: Free (with encouraged donations for touring acts); 18+

By Shannon Cleary