Sounds Of RVA Presents: On The Horizon #4

Posted by: Necci – Apr 12, 2012


One of the best things about RVA, in addition to having so many different bands, is that there are so many music blogs and outlets covering the scene, and that they have such different approaches and tastes. Sure, there's an unspoken rivalry to getting the news out there first, but that rivalry keeps us all working that much harder on what makes us happy. Regardless, thanks, RVA Mag, for helping to bring all of these voices together. With that being said, this week there are lots of goodies to bestow upon you, the reader and music-vore that you are:

Yefim is the name behind one-man-band Ethan Gensurowsky (also of Midair and Jabroni), who wrote, recorded, and mixed his recent release, Sir, Realistically. This is another release on The Subterranea Collective label, and it lives up to the high expectations of a Subterranea release. Textured and ambient, the songs hypnotically captivate the senses. This album is also available on cassette.

(photo of Midair, Gensurowsky is the blonde on the right)

The Blue Letter has released Love Is Not Control, a hardcore album broken down into five acts, which are then broken into thirteen chunks of songs. Vocalist Dan Shebaylo screams and groans some insane sounds and the three-piece band expands to sound like way more than three dudes. Although they haven't played any RVA dates lately, they are on tour in support of their album. Check out the dates and locations here. I saw these guys at the WRIR 5th Anniversary show, and they are LOUD. Please bring some rock to Richmond, guys!

photo by Phil Bowne

D. Rose is getting ready to release his Gold Chain Muzik album next week, but he's made one preview track available for listening. "Good Thing" has a modern hip hop sound that's pretty fresh, especially since D.Rose is only 17 years old. Although he was born in Houston, D.Rose now calls Richmond his home.

Rem's Floating Chandelier has mastered the sound of multi-layered orchestral pop with new release, Think of the Willows. There are two guys behind the name, Danny Bozella and Nick D'Elia, and they will be playing @ Strange Matter May 8 with Moon Furies.

Houdan the Mystic has been making headlines with their new release, Archer's Jamboree. Night Idea is also making a name for itself. Reid LaPierre of Night Idea and Houdan The Mystic took some time to shoot the shit with Sounds of RVA. Here it is:

How did Night Idea form?

Reid: Carter [Burton], Ethan [Johnstone], and myself [Reid] played in a band called Eat the Center throughout high school with another bassist. After senior year, Carter went to Nashville to learn audio engineering while Ethan and I attended our first year at VCU, living together in the dorms. While at VCU, we came back in contact with our long time friend, Joey Anderson. We met Joey in high school when Eat the Center played a show with Joey's old band, Kevin Beckley. Ethan, Joey, and I played music together in Carter's absence, so when Carter came back it seemed natural for Joey to be our bassist. We reformed under the name Night Idea in the summer of 2010. Night Idea spent our first few months as a band practicing every second we had a chance. Three months later, we started playing shows. We can't wait to see where the band takes us.

I see you guys just bought a van/bus. Are you planning on touring?

Reid: We just bought a blacked-out short bus from the 90's. It runs on bio-diesel, which is perfect for us. Joey is the co-owner of local bio-diesel transport services BioTaxi and BioRide. They make their own biofuel for their fleet of black Jettas, Mercedes, and Dodge Sprinters. Through Joey's business exploits, we can help to fuel our vehicle with cheap, efficient, and clean alternative fuel. The bus is going to take Night Idea, and our sister band Houdan the Mystic, on a two and a half week tour. We'll be going and visiting a ton of our friend's bands in other states, camping at Niagara Falls, staying with family that we never get to see, and doing it all with our bands. The tour is going to take us as far north as Burlington, Vermont, and as south as Nashville, Tennessee.

What have you been listening to lately?

Reid: I've been really stuck on my friend's bands lately. I think my "most played album" this week has been Sea Prism by Phantoms. Josh from Phantoms is an amazing graphic designer, web designer, and musician. I can hardly play my own instrument.... I'm not really sure how he does it.

What is your favorite thing about Richmond in the spring/summer?

Reid: My favorite thing about warm weather in Richmond is being able to open all of the windows in my apartment. I live on Boulevard in a small third story apartment. We have windows on the front and back of the apartment, and when you open all of them the breeze flows right through one side and out the other. Richmond really springs to life when the weather starts heating up. I also really enjoy riding bikes with my friends down to the trestle bridge on the south side of the James and drinking a few beers on the rocks, swimming, and horsing around.

Do you have a pre-show ritual?

Reid: Our pre-show ritual really depends on what type of venue we are playing at. Most of the members like to smoke a pretty hearty amount of weed before we perform. The thing that really varies is how much we drink before shows. If we're playing somewhere like The Camel or Strange Matter, we keep drinking to a minimum. Basically, a few beers before the show and probably one during. When it comes to house shows, though... we've been known to get a little drunk. That's where it comes in handy that we have a lot of material. When we feel like we'll be sloppy, we can throw together a more improvised, loose set that is less mentally demanding.

Night Idea photo by Derek Pterodactyl

Lyrix (pictured below) and Koncept have just released Koncepts & Lyricism, a new album coming out this Friday (4/13).

Check back at their bandcamp for the rest of the mixtape on Friday. Go to the album release show on Saturday (4/14) @ Strange Matter.

Finally, The Milkstains are headed off on a brief tour, and they will be back in Richmond on Sunday (4/15) @ Banditos with Chrome Daddy Disco and Nelsonvillans (NY)
@ Strange Matter 4/16 with Peelander-Z (Japan) and One-Eyed Doll (Austin). They have also just released a show recorded two years ago at a Gallery 5 Sock Hop by Craig Carper.

photo by Jamie Lay