Ill.Gates Brings Ill.Methodology To The Canal Club

Posted by: Necci – Jul 24, 2012


On Thursday, July 12, San Francisco DJ Ill.Gates conducted his Ill.Methodology DJ workshop at The Canal Club. This artistic development workshop shows electronic musicians and performers techniques and skills that Ill.Gates has perfected over 17 years of being a performing DJ and producer. He has previously mentored such well-known electronic artists as Beats Antique, Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, and DJ Vadim, and on July 12, he gave a seminar to a selection of RVA's hardest-working EDM performers. Todd Raviotta was on hand to document the process, as well as the party that ensued after the educational portion of the evening ended, and he brings us this collection of pictures and video.

RVA DJ Akasha, aka George Rollins, participated in the ill.Methodology workshop, and had this to say about the experience:

Electronic Music has shaped and brought huge joy in my life. I have a very driven purpose to make music as a pursuit of happiness. The opportunity to bring Ill.Gates to Richmond presented itself, and I never looked back.

Through my studies I have discovered some amazing teachers via the internet. Many have things to teach, but Ill.Gates stands alone as an inspirational speaker and mentor for the emerging artist. Ill.Gates provides a demystification to producing and the music industry that teaches one how to slay the demons of uncertainty, and motivates someone to get their hands dirty and start making music. The experience of meeting and learning from a bass music pioneer and personal hero has been priceless, and a milestone in my life, that leaves me provided with a clear picture of an exciting future.

Ill.Gates with RVA Ill.Methodology participants

Ableton is a wide open template to manifest one's musical aspirations in unique ways that fit each individual's workflow. The community's collective knowledge builds and thrives as an online treasure trove.

Ill.Gates' Ableton Live templates and innovations have enhanced and improved the workflow and creativity of countless artists. Anyone, from the general musician, to photographers, VJs, etc, would be doing themselves a favor to invest their time in learning from Ill.Gates online workshop, regardless of music software choice or taste.

Photos and Video by Todd Raviotta
Words by Andrew Necci and George Rollins