Proverbial Kicks Off Halloweek With Radio Rubber Room At The Republic

Posted by: Necci – Oct 31, 2012


RVA Halloweek 2012 kicked off last Wednesday at The Republic, where Radio Rubber Room presented Proverbial and The Dirty Picture Show. At long last, we have our Wednesday nights back, and we need not wander aimlessly through the streets, seeking booze and rock n’ roll. The Republic returns.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Proverbial, and I was promptly reminded that they do not fuck around. The joint was packed shoulder to shoulder for the commanding seven-piece. Now, most of us are familiar with Proverbial, but last Wednesday I saw a much more rocking side of the traditionally funkier band.

I generally require a touch of discord in my music, but for Proverbial I am willing to give in to the uplifting scream of the organ and the resonating pulse of brass. Oh yeah, there are also tons of hot chicks at Proverbial shows. That helps too. Keep your ears peeled for Proverbial’s new material. They are a verifiable sauce-faucet.

Yerbian Luke Wilson has revamped his past project, Luke and the Junk, into the more technically apt Dirty Picture Show, which includes Taylor Laub (guitar), of blossoming young act The Northerners, and Danny Crawford (drums) of Toxic Moxie. The Dirty Picture Show has nestled cozily into its old-timey rock/blues genre, playing many of Luke’s old songs with the Junk, as well as some new 12-bar blues routines.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe in the blues - that is to say, one may not believe that the man on the mic actually has the blues. However I don’t have a hard time taking Luke sincerely. I trust his blues, and that alone could take the Dirty Picture Show to great places. They’re simple, non-presumptuous, and a little shy, which drives the crowd to root for them. You can catch The Dirty Picture Show at their secret lair, The Yerb!, this Wednesday.

However, it’s advisable that you head to The Republic this Wednesday for a close look at Toxic Moxie, the burgeoning rock n’ roll super group comprised of The Dream Machine’s Justin Shear, and Mitch Kordella and Danny Crawford of Apache Radio. Not to mention, we’ll take a stroll down memory lane with The Dream Machine at The Republic, just like old times. Get yourself primped up and rock ready for The Republic, 10pm Wednesday.

Words by Dan Mulrooney
Images by Tyler M. Conta