One Way Richmond's Must-See Show Previews 4/10-4/16

Posted by: Necci – Apr 10, 2013



Tuesday, April 16, 10 p.m.
Thelma & the Sleaze, Stiff Licks, The Milkstains, Navi @ The Nile - $5/21+
Well, once again the Nile is home to the big guns. Describing Nashville’s Thelma & the Sleaze is like describing that time mom flipped the kitchen table over on your sister. Thelma & the Sleaze will be your dates from hell, or actually, make that from an upside down circus that spews heavy Southern-fried rock music to your face. Your ears need bliss, and well these ladies have it all served up and dirty for you. Put the wife and kids to bed, and let’s go hunting for rock and roll debauchery. Found it! Laurel Street I love you.

Also from Nashville is the rocking rock of Stiff Licks. Put a fork into Gary Glitter and catch these guys as well. The roller coaster ride that is Navi and the bastard sons of Smokey Robinson, the Milkstains, add local support to a show that is certain to make history. I’m not religious, but thank God I’m not from Henricofield. I can’t wait for this show--excuse me, event!

Wednesday, April 10, 7 p.m.
The Goddamn Gallows @ Kingdom - $10/All Ages.

The Goddamn Gallows are a very unusual yet tasty rockabilly band you must see to believe. This quartet blends in a show of shows, fire included, with their frantic self-described “gutterbilly” to get all their crowds in a frenzy. Based out of Detroit, this band has relentlessly toured and has gained a following of freaks and sideshow enthusiasts any travelling circus would be proud of.

To me, any band that features a washboard as an instrument deserves a glance. This isn’t your typical rockabilly band, these guys stepped right off the train, a freight train that is, to deliver to you a middle of the week freak-out you’ll be happy you attended. If you enjoy the cohesion of punk rock, old timey tunes, and a beyond bizarre vaudeville act, the Goddamn Gallows are this Wednesday night’s must see.

Thursday, April 11, 5:30 p.m.
Stay Sweet fest III Pre-Fest featuring (in order of appearance) Volunteer (pictured above), Dial Up, Let It Go, Teen Death, Grower, Up for Nothing, Address, Ultra Ultra, Worship This, Averman, Martin, Natural Disasters, The Reptilian, White Lung @ Strange Matter - $10/All Ages.

Over the past two years, the Stay Sweet Festival has turned into a juggernaut of a festival for punk and pop punk bands from East of the Mississippi. In its third year now, the Stay Sweet Festival will be four days--that’s right, four days--of pure sweat. In fact they could call it the stay sweat festival, and that would work. With the actual festival taking place at the Camel from Friday thru Sunday, tonight’s show is the ‘pre-fest” at Strange Matter. Oh, what a lineup it is.

Richmond garage punk stalwarts Volunteer open the gates, with Dial Up and Teen Death being the other Richmond bands on the bill, lending support with their grungy pop punk.

The rest of the lineup features some of the best up and coming punk acts in America and Canada. All kinds of styles of punk will be represented. This isn’t some sock hop pop punk either; this is the real thing, and Strange Matter will be packed to the gills tonight for good reason. The headlining bands--Natural Disasters with their melodic hardcore, the screamo sounds of The Reptilian, and the pure straight ahead punk of Canada’s White Lung--will have the crowd all fired up and bouncing off the walls. If only I could be in the middle of that pit.

It’s going to be an insane weekend in Richmond. Punks everywhere? It must be time for the Stay Sweet Festival. Carry on kids, carry on.

Note: STAY SWEET FEST III Tickets for Friday, April 12 – Sunday April 14 at The Camel are SOLD OUT

Friday, April 12, 8 p.m.
Marinero, 59H20 (pictured above) @ Babe’s – Free/21+

It’s been awhile since the local alternative rock band 59h20 has played, so what a delight it is that they are playing in Carytown this Friday night. 59h20 plays songs you can sing along to. Their emotional numbers will do that. The band features multiple guitars and keyboards to create a strong presence of depth and power. This band makes the songwriting stand out, and isn’t that nice for a change.

Marinero is a new band in Richmond featuring Danny Trice of the post hardcore band La Mere Vipere on vocals. In Marinero, Danny tones it down to a romantic croon. There are already people talking about this romantic pop band, so it looks like I’ll have to head over to Babe’s tonight and investigate. Won’t you join me?

Saturday, April 13, 7 p.m.
Richmond Hostel Benefit Show featuring Wolf//Goat, Time Machines, Negative Gemini, Dave Watkins @ Gallery 5 - $5/All Ages

After staying in a few hostels in my day, I always felt Richmond should have one. Well, guess what--one is finally on the way. In fact, they are working on it as I write these words. The new HI hostel will be at the old Otis Elevator Company Building at 7 North 2nd St. downtown.

One of the best things about this hostel is that its rising based on full on community support. In the past two years, the hostel committee and volunteers has found creative ways to raise funds to get this marvel for Richmond to come to fruition. Tonight is no different. This show featuring some amazing Richmond bands is live and in effect to raise more funds for a hostel this city desperately needs if we want to bring in the right kind of travelers. I for one cannot wait for this show, let alone the opening of this hostel.

Come to Jackson Ward tonight, hear great music from those wild and wacky folk lords, Wolf//Goat; Times Machines’ post hardcore; dark-wave from Lindsey French's solo project, Negative Gemini; and tunes from the marvelous singer-songwriter Dave Watkins. It’s going to be a sensational night, so make this Saturday night count by showing up and helping get this hostel of miracles open.

Saturday, April 13, 10 p.m.
The Cheats Movement X Live at Ipanema presents The Low Branches & Sam Reed @ Ipanema – Free/21+

Saturday nights at Ipanema are getting to be like Saturday nights at The Copa. What a gregarious evening the Ipanema folks and the Cheats Movement (maintained by the one and only Marc Cheatham) have in store for us. The music will be more beautiful than beauty itself, thanks to the great Americana-like indie rock sounds of the Low Branches. This group has been a force thanks in part to sultry vocals and a stripped down soulful elegance via perfect musicianship.

The beautiful Samantha Reed, with her no-holds-barred soulful lyrics, will also hold court this evening. And let me tell you this: one listen to this woman and you are set onto a neverending journey of joy. Samantha Reed puts smiles on people’s faces, no question about it. If you think you may have heard of Sam before, you probably have, as she is also the singer for the Photosynthesizers. There she goes by the name Samsun, but tonight, she goes by Samantha. One listen to her solo work and you’ll see why we must refer to her on a first name basis. I can’t wait to hit up W. Grace St. (at least the part they haven’t torn down) tonight!

Sunday, April 14, 9 p.m.
Nervous Ticks, Hot Dolphin, Navi @ Bandito’s – Free/21+

Looking for a hard charging night to swill whiskey and chase skirt? Well, this Sunday night in the Devil’s Triangle appears to be it. Unfortunately, Nashville’s Faux Ferocious has had to cancel their performance, but never fear--the stage will be powered tonight by a trio of Richmond mainstays. Look, these bands rock, so just deal with a Monday hangover. It will be well worth it. There really isn’t any other way of putting it.

The Nervous Ticks continue to get nastier and nastier. You thought this band was great before? Wait until you see them now. Rock and roll is back thanks to these nervous wrecks. Richmond also has another high riser on its hands in Hot Dolphin. This band will blend nicely with the bare bones style of rock that meshes garage, psych and a low fidelity that could have you committing infidelity before the night’s end. Plus, another excellent performance from Navi! Sunday night is not for amateurs – all the more reason to show up!

Monday, April 15, 9 p. m.
Sports Bar, Little Gold, Todd Killings Jr., Little Master @ The Republic – Free/21+

Holy shit! What a rock and roll show for those impressed by the quality sound. And it’s free! Richmond royalty is all here. No not the guy with the beard and dated tattoo, but the guy vomiting on his girlfriend at table 6. Wow, what a night! Sports Bar has been killing it of late as you know. They certainly have been putting the ‘garage’ in garage. The other Richmond band on this bill will be Little Master. Haven’t heard from these alternative rocking trailblazers in awhile, so you know they got some new meat to throw at us. Coming in from out of town will be Brooklyn’s fuzz pop punkers Little Gold. They play like they own Fort Knox. Then there’s Jersey’s Todd Killings Jr. Get ready to be blown away. Great name by the way. The Republic on Monday night will be the greatest Monday night of your life. Book it!

Tuesday, April 16, 10 p.m.
Generationals, Splashh @ Strange Matter - $10 Advance - - $12 Door/18+

Formerly of the band The Eames Era, Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer went their own way and formed Generationals. This New Orleans outfit, touring in support of their new album, Heza, is a simplistic take on straight-ahead independent rock and roll. In an age where everybody is doing that style, Generationals is a step ahead. The way these two formulate music will make it obvious why they are selling out shows everywhere. It's romanticism meets irreconcilable differences. The only way rock should be, if you ask me. I’ve listened to catchy bands before, but Generationals takes the cake. I’m in a trance, thanks to their bouncy noise shadows that skip a pony. See for yourself Richmond.

England’s garage-fuzz upstarts Splashh will lend support. I just listened to these guys, and oh my, people, you’ll love them as well. By the way, you might want to get your tickets early for this show of shows.

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