1708 Gallery Presents Still Action!

Posted by: Necci – Apr 18, 2013


1708 Gallery’s newest exhibition, Still Action!, features contemporary photographers who are investigating performative and scenographic aspects of image-making. Presented by Paul Thulin and Travis Fullerton, both VCU MFA students in Photography, Still Action! will be on view starting with the opening reception this Friday, April 19 at 6:30 p.m. with a curator’s talk at 7:30 p.m.

The exhibition is a comment on the theoretical basis of photography--the capturing of light--through a performance from the artists. This performance is an orchestration of action for the camera itself, with the intent to unveil a hidden, purely visual, photographic reality particular to the setting in which each artist is working. This gives all of the artists their own idiosyncratic style, but with essential theme of capturing light and action.

Seba Kurtis, Drowned

Usually with photographs, photographers use a still medium, where one click captures one moment of time. Emily Smith, Executive Director of 1708 Gallery, explains how the photographs of Still Action! are different. "[They] are actually capturing ... layer upon layer upon layer of action, whether its the action of the artist or the night sky.”

Still Action! features works by Kevin Cooley, Sharon Harper, Seba Kurtis, Tokihiro Sato, Geoffrey Short, and Kevin Van Aelst. The photographers in Still Action! represent a range of experiences and reflect the global nature of contemporary art. Their respective geographies include New Zealand, England, and New York, NY. Because of the wide scope in geographies, most of the artists will not be making an appearance. However, Sharon Harper of Boston Massachusetts may fly down to Richmond some time near the end of the exhibition. Stay tuned with 1708 to find out when.

Tokihiro Sato, Shirikami #2

The exhibition will be intriguing for all who show up to the Gallery, not just people well-versed in photography. Smith thinks both photographers and non-photographers will be impressed. “A photographer is going to get a ... very different level of engagement, because they are going to want to understand precisely how long the exposure was, where was the camera, what kind of camera,” said Smith. “If you’re not as familiar with the technology of photography, there is a puzzle that I think is interesting for the viewer.”

So whether you’re a photo-savvy student or someone interested in aesthetically mysterious photographs, come out to Still Action! this Friday. It should be right up your alley.

Still Action! will be on display through Saturday, May 25 at 1708 Gallery, located at 319 W. Broad St. For more information, click HERE.

By Brian Charlton
Top image: Kevin Van Aelst, And All I Ask Is A Tall Ship And A Star To Sail Her By