One Way Richmond's Must-See Show Previews 6/12-6/18

Posted by: Necci – Jun 12, 2013



Saturday, June 15, 10 p.m.
Bad Coyotes, Bad Cop, The Catalyst, Nervous Ticks @ Strange Matter - $7/18+
Last week Oakland’s Bad Coyotes played a Church Hill house show, and thanks to a tour cancelation, got to open the Night Birds/Iron Reagan Show last Saturday. Both shows proved way beyond historical. Bad Coyotes are self described sex-punk. Their blend of punk, surf, and good time garage rock will have everyone feeling upbeat and ready to destroy stuff, preferably themselves. Led by vocalist Jaysun Hoorboors, Bad Coyotes deliver a vicious punch straight to the ear drum. The guitar riffs are easily worth writing home about, thanks to that juggernaut of a guitarist Andy Greenlees. Yes, that’s the same Andy that was PCP Roadblock’s guitarist. PCP Roadblock was bigger than God and the Beatles when they ran loose in the Richmond streets back in the day, as many of you can remember. The rhythm section of Bad Coyotes is a colossal miracle. Peruvian Marky Reátegui is the sickest rock and roll bassist I’ve seen in decades, while Scott Hedrick switches the drum sticks around to drive home this out of control Cadillac searching for violence. Bad Coyotes turned Richmond upside down last weekend, and everyone will want to catch their rebound tonight, as they bookend their northeast tour. Get ready to lose your socks, and your drugs.

Also on this bill of wackos will be Richmond steam engineers, those noise rockers from the sun, The Catalyst. Meanwhile, fuzzy garage fervor never gets old; you can thank Nervous Ticks for that. And those dirty cops, Bad Cop, perform arresting Tennessee stud music that can best be described as inspirational whiskey cult-like tunes from underneath the mill.

Wednesday, June 12, 7 p.m.
Hoax Hunters, War Party (pictured above), Sealion, Half Bascule @ Gallery 5 – Donations/All Ages

Tonight in Jackson Ward, it's sure to get downright crazy with music that matters. There is some serious talent on this bill, so show up. Off the Cherub label, Richmond’s Hoax Hunters is a alternative band that can rock the experimental. Led by three of the most solid musicians you will ever encounter--PJ Sykes, Tim Falen, and James O'Neill--Hoax Hunters one-up those who stormed the beaches at Normandy and deliver an all out assault of consistency and poignant rock and roll.

What better than bluesy garage rock from Texas, I always say. And, well, here you have it in War Party. This party is not cold, yet warmer than nuclear and demands your attention. Sealion, also from the Lone-Star State, encompasses all the great fortitudes when dishing out their special blend indie surf rock. Yes, there are waves in Texas. This is going to be the first official show for Half Bascule, the new two piece collaboration explosion from Dave Watkins (The Colloquial Orchestra) and Nathaniel Roseberry (Dumb Waiter/Street Pizza). What a glorious Wednesday. Jackson Ward is the new Vegas!

Wednesday, June 12, 7:30 p.m.
The Trigger System presents Atlas Genius, Pacific Air, Haerts @ The Canal Club - $12/All Ages

Atlas Genius not only can find their way around better than anyone, including Rand McNally, but are the new stars on the map. Out of Australia, these mates are on fire since the recent release of their debut LP, When It Was Now. This release has sky rocketed them to a place indie rock lovers hold dearly. Atlas Genius is a family affair with brothers: vocalist and guitarist Keith Jeffery, and Michael Jeffery on drums. This is a great chance to see these high risers up close and personal. I expect you to show up for this one.

Not to mention that there are two other stalwarts in the world of music opening. California’s aptly named Pacific Air lend bill support with their delightful indie pop rock that will have you swaying to the beat. The other band everyone is talking about is the new and dreamy, fresh-sounding German/English band, Haerts. Careful Richmond, Haerts just might steal the show. Vocalist Nini Fabi has pipes that go forever.

Thursday, June 13, 8 p.m
Blake Schwartzenbach’s Mobile Disco Decathlon, Pedals on Our Pirate Ships, Volunteer @ Gallery 5 – $10/All Ages

Well look who decided to show up--it’s Blake Schwartzenbach of the absolutely seminal rock bands Jawbreaker, Jets to Brazil, and Forgetters. Blake is bringing along what he considers his alter egos: DJ/producer Chris Lager, also of Forgetters, and the musical renaissance man himself, O.C.D. This trio will be doing a musical decathlon, so to speak. They will be playing records, singing songs, emceeing, mixing, and storytelling, plus whatever the moment calls for. Expect some music from their catalogs as well. What a magical evening this will turn out to be, I’m sure, and it appears there will be gold medals for all. See you at this miracle Show of the Year candidate.

Thursday, June 13, 7 p.m.
Valient Thorr, Gypsyhawk, Ramming Speed, Hellbear, Dirt Merchant, Hypokalypse @ Kingdom - $10/All Ages.

North Carolina has provided us with some quality heavy stoner rock, and Valient Thorr is no exception. This bludgeoning quintet is ready to bludgeon your ears with some of the best down and raw metal you’ve ever heard. Valient Thorr will also be performing music front their forthcoming LP, Our Own Masters, so whatever you do, bow down to the Thorr. Gypsyhawk opens with beautiful classic hard metal that is to die for. Supporting tonight will be thrash and grind bastards Ramming Speed, along with self described “black collar rock” band, Dirt Merchant, recently revived biker metal crew Hellbear, and Richmond fusion metal band, Hypokalypse. This evening is a can’t miss night - if you love metal music. This show is not for the faint of heart.

Friday, June 14, 6 p.m.
Friday Cheers featuring Lake Street Dive, Kishi Bashi @ Brown’s Island - $5/All Ages

Continuing on a decent summer lineup for Friday Cheers, Lake Street Dive comes to town, and they are absolutely turning a lot of heads with their mesmerizing indie pop that everyone will enjoy. In actuality, all styles of music can be heard during a Lake Street Dive set. From jazz to Motown to contemporary pop, it’s all reigned supreme when this Brooklyn foursome takes the stage. Lake Street Dive is richly thought provoking music that will enthrall our devilish desires. In other words, you’ll be shaking like a leaf on a tree.

The great psychedelic pop violinist from Norfolk, Kishi Bashi, opens the show. This guy can flat out get it, and tours with Of Montreal, who were just here, and the fabulous Reginia Spektor. Careful, single white females, you just might meet that white guy catch you've been craving for so long at this show. I know I’m going, but I’m sure the only girl down on the island that will talk to me will be the girl on work-release picking up trash.

Sunday, June 16, 9 p.m.
Baths, Houses, D33J @ Strange Matter - $12 in Advance - / $14 Day of/18+

Holy forthcoming e-cigarettes from Philip-Morris--Baths are coming to Grace St. Baths, aka Will Wiesenfeld, is a chill-wave musician who is a genius on the ivories. This young Californian has already proven he can write songs with the best of them. His performance is a guaranteed hypnosis for the subconscious we all want to be inside. The depths of standout musicianship is usually when one cannot be pinpointed into a genre. Well, that’s Baths, and the spirit of individuality is as clean and striking as they come. Whether electronic or acoustic, the flavorful melodies of Baths are drawn for our waiting ears.

The melodies and hauntingly brilliant whispers that are Houses will have you home away from home, no doubt. Houses are an outfit you will hear a bunch more from on a larger stage down the road, so get to Strange Matter tonight on time. Another reason to be prompt will be the audio, visual and emotional styling’s of D33J.

Monday, June 17, 9 p.m.
Kings County Swing @ Balliceaux – Free/21+

You damn right there’s quality gypsy jazz out of the Empire state. And this magical music from Kings County Swing is a state of mind unlike any other. Let a stand-up bass, old-timey guitars and vocals take you away. You never know, a washboard might show up. If you had a shitty case of the Mondays, here’s your cure. Balliceaux is the remedy of all remedies. I wish I was in a band just so I could play this marvel in the middle of the Fan.

Tuesday, June 18, 7 p.m.
Tigers Jaw, Pianos Become the Teeth (photo by Evan Dell), Dad Punchers @ The Camel - $12/All Ages

Tigers Jaw, out of the home of The Office, Scranton, PA, is a growing necessity to emo and indie rock enthusiasts. This band is sure to please and make your Tuesday evening a hell of a lot better. As far as band name of the year, Baltimore’s Pianos Become the Teeth holds claim to that distinction. This post-hardcore band is a thrill a minute and always has the kids grasping for air. When not beating up their fathers, LA’s Dad Punchers will also deliver crushing post hardcore music.

Tuesday, June 18, 7 & 9:15 p.m. (two shows)
Richmond Jazz Society’s Guest Educators Series presents Buster Williams’ All-Star Quartet featuring bassist Buster Williams with Patrice Rushen on piano; Cindy Blackman-Santana on drums and Steve Wilson on saxophone @ Capital Ale House Downtown Music Hall - $25 advance per show – Online at / $30 Day of (Cash Only) / All Ages.

This is a huge moment for Richmond, having the legendary jazz bassist Buster Williams in our great city. Since the 60s this man has played with everyone from Jimmy Heath to Miles Davis to Ron Carter to Branford Marsalis. There are only so many jazz legends still doing it, so if traditional rhythm jazz is your thing, and you appreciate the masters of real music, then this Buster Williams show is for you. Joining Buster is an all-star cast you could not dream of - Patrice Rushen on piano, Cindy Blackman-Santana on drums, and Steve Wilson on sax. This night of elegance is sure to shift the plates underneath us, as this is real jazz. It just doesn’t get better than this, so I advise you to purchase tickets in advance. These shows are sure to sell out.

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