GWAR Releases Video Statement, Announces Dave Brockie Foundation

Posted by: Necci – Apr 11, 2014


In the wake of Dave Brockie's passing, there's been an outpouring of grief and support from the music community in RVA and beyond. In response, the surviving members of GWAR have released a video statement to address and thank their fans for the support. They also urge their fans to come to the public memorial for Brockie scheduled for Friday, August 15, the day before the fifth annual GWAR-B-Q. Watch that video here:

Additionally, GWAR and Slave Pit, Inc. have created The Dave Brockie Foundation, a charity that intends to promote "the advancement of music, images, letters and performances in the arts." Designed to both preserve Brockie's legacy and promote up-and-coming artistic voices that are unable to find support in the mainstream arts world, the Foundation "will be a resource for artists in the fields of music, film, literature and all visual arts who cannot find funding through mainstream channels."

The Foundation will also work to highlight Dave Brockie's artistic legacy, cataloging his body of work and making it "available for the world to appreciate." Their first goal is to finance a monument to Brockie here in Richmond, "to provide the world with a place to pay respects to the memory of a very cherished man." Does that mean we can expect an Oderus Urungus statue to be built in the courtyard of the Richmond Dairy building on Marshall St? Well, we can hope... but either way, the idea of a public monument to Dave Brockie is something we at RVA Magazine back 100%. Show your support for this and other worthy goals of the Dave Brockie Foundation by going to

Tickets are not yet on sale for the 2014 GWAR-B-Q, but keep your eye on for more info, and rest assured that RVA Magazine will have the details for you as soon as we get them.

By Andrew Necci; top photo courtesy Katherine Leatherwood