The Richmond International Film Festival announces 2015 line up

Posted by: brad – Jan 19, 2015


The art of cinema is an ever-expanding medium, and with the sheer number of films produced in the US alone, it’s easy to forget or overlook foreign cinema.

However, this winter the Richmond International Film Festival (RIFF) will return this year to shed some light on those movies. Running from Thursday, February 26th through Sunday, March 1st, the festival will feature more than 120 films from over 25 countries.

Films will be shown at the Bow Tie Criterion Cinema, The Byrd, and the Virginia Historical Society.

Opening day will feature a variety of showings at the Byrd Theatre, as well as a night full of films at the Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas.

Opening night will also see a screening of Wish You Well, which stars Josh Lucas and Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn. The film is set during 1940’s Virginia and focuses on the coming of age of two young siblings.

The screening will be immediately followed by a Q&A with the writer and film’s producers. You can watch a trailer for the film below.

This year the festival will also see the inclusion of a variety of Swedish films thanks to sponsor Swedish Match, a tobacco company who has their US-headquarters located in Richmond.

The spotlighted Swedish films include Force Majeure and The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared.

Force Majeure was recently nominated for a Golden Globe and was Sweden’s official Oscar entry for Best Foreign Language Film. The Ruben Ostlund directed dark comedy debuts opening night at Bow Tie Criterion Cinemas.

The Byrd Theatre will be showing The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared, which follows a dynamite expert as he tries to escape his retirement home on his 100th birthday. Starring Swedish funny-man Robert Gustafsson, the film opens that Sunday afternoon.

Also included in the Festival are:

Sewing Hope, a documentary from Forest Whitaker which profiles a nun from Uganda who dedicates her life to helping those terrorized by Joseph Kony.

Salgan & Salgan, a documentary that follows tango pianist Horatio Salgan.

Wildlike, a coming of age film set in Juneau, Alaska.

The Japanese Dog, a Romanian film about culture clashes set in the background of a tragic flood.

Audience of One, a short film about a troubled boy who, with the help of his hippie counselor, comes to terms with his personality.

Des Eclats de Verre, a short film about loss which won the Sundance Grand Prize Jury and Audience Award.

Imagine, which follows a father trying to heal after failing to prevent his daughter from drowning.

Love Thy Nature, a Liam Neeson narrated documentary about the human relationship with nature.

Words by Tyler Hammel