Starr Hill Brewery unveils new brews, brewmaster, and logo

Posted by: brad – Mar 20, 2015


It's been a busy few months for Charlottesville based Starr Hill Brewery, so allow us to catch up a bit here.

First up, check out their fancy new logo -

“This new imagery absolutely elevates our look to the level of our beer through consistency and quality,” said Brian McNelis, Starr Hill’s President and CEO in a blog post. “We believe these new designs will resonate with our devoted fans, as it truly does with our team at the brewery, and encourage those new to Starr Hill to discover our award-winning beers.”

Next up, meet Robbie O’Cain, the new Brewmaster-in-chief at Starr Hill:

O'Cain follows in the footsteps of Mark Thompson who is leaving his post after 23 years in craft beer.

“To lead such a highly dedicated team here at Starr Hill is a fantastic opportunity,” said O'Cain. “Charlottesville is a wonderful area where I am able to participate in a vibrant craft brewing scene here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Shenandoah Mountains. I am excited to take this brewery to the next level by producing inspired, world-class beers.”

O'Cain's got the resume to back up the new titled - he attended the World Brewing Academy Master Brewer Program through Siebel Institute of Technology in Chicago and Doemens Academy in Munich, Germany. He joined Starr Hill in 2011, but not before graduation "top of his class" with a Masters in Brewing Science.

“Growing up in Asheville, I was inspired by one of the earliest craft-centric areas in the Southeast,” said O'Cain. “However, my parents’ influence on my approach to food and beverage is the true foundation of my career path.”

Here's look'n at you O'Cain, may the influence from your folks lead you to some incredibly unique beers.

And finally, check out some details about Starr Hill's three newest brews courtesy of RVAMag's own President/Beermeister, John Reinhold. Take it away, John:

Reviver Red IPA -

This is a good strong IPA that has the malt background of a Red Ale, and I always really like this kind of beer when I can get it.

Mosaic Hops come to the forefront of this beer and go strait to the tastebuds with a nice citrus background.

This is a good beer for a spring and summer for hot days where you need a beer with a light kick.

Red Rooster Cream Stout -

So this is a cream stout - based on using sugars and lactose.

I always find it good to have some coffee flavors with this kind of stout and this is no exception to the rule with big coffee bean flavor on the nose as soon as you open it.

It has a slight hop background, but the milk stout keeps everything smooth resulting in a nice caramel/chocolate/coffee taste that lingers with you.

I think this one is good for most nights - would love this one by a summer fire!

Starr Hill Live Sessions Barrel Series - Barelywine Ale

What a big beer! I always tend to get hooked into big beers like this one that have a great multilayer taste. Opening this beer I pretty much knew it was going to be to my linking. It's got a big bourbon smell with notes of vanilla form the pour into the glass.

Upon taste, you have that sweet barley wine flavor thats been given lots of love here through aging in some bourbon barrels - vanilla, and burnt caramel highlights.

Did I mention that its 13.5% - this one just grows and really is enjoyable.

I look forward to trying more Starr Hill Barrel Series after trying this bad boy. I really wanted to age it for a while, but I just had to give it try right off the bat. Glad I did as it's a killer beer!

Words by BK and JR