RVA electro-noise project Skirts get OUR House video, you should be listening to them more

Posted by: brad – Apr 20, 2015


Let it be known that 2014-15 will be the year of never-ending-awesome-80's-synth tributes and RVA has its own electro project to keep up with the trend.

Thanks to movies like "It Follows," "The Guest," and if you want to be real OG RVA, The Taint, it's not hard to find some awesome examples of dark/brooding retro-synth pop.

Now we've got (or had, they've been doing this for a while now) Skirts to help round out the sound at any number of local house shows. Check out Skirts live at Our House from a bit back:

Want to hear the best part? There's a few other Skirts songs floating around on their Bandcamp.

Check it out below:

Skirts is Ken Hicks and Soraya Teschner, keep up with them on Facebook here.

Words by BK, whose really really into synth pop right now