Richmond punk band Insubordination sets off on 48 state DIY tour (plus Canada and Mexico)

Posted by: brad – Jun 01, 2015


Thanks to the internet, it’s much easier to do a lot that was more difficult to do back in the day. For instance, email and social media sites especially Facebook, make it way easier for us to connect with people.

An example of this today are bands, now all they have to do is email some venues in a city rather than going through a phone book and calling each venue in hopes that they’ll give you the time of day.

Bands are able to go out on week or even month long tours that they set up all by themselves. But have you heard of an almost 6 month long tour, set up all DIY?

“I saw something recently that Reverbnation sent out at the end of last year of which bands toured the most, and played the most shows” said Scott Trinca, lead singer/guitarist of punk band Insubordination. “Some bands were close to 300 shows a year, but they’re probably not DIY.”

Trinca’s band Insubordination has gone on about 5 week long tours in his old 89’ Ford Club Wagon. During one crappy day at work last year, Trinca got the idea to go out on a cross-country tour. He wasted no time informing his band members, and started putting together a routed-map of cities to play.

A year later, everything is in place. Kicking off on Saturday June 6th at Emilio’s in Richmond and ending Saturday November 21st at Emilio’s.

The band recorded their new album ‘Disorderly Presence’ over a few days in December 2014 at The Ward Studios in Richmond with their managers Mike and Fisher under the label Angry Pirate Records.

The band has all worked hard booking the shows, making and ordering merchandise and figuring out logistics for the whole thing.

Drummer Christian Moquin lives in New Hampshire and recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design from New Hampshire Institute of Art. He has done the design for their logo, and also had an art friend do their new CD cover art. Trinca and Moquin have been coordinating over the phone for months about the status of which shows are booked and which ones they need to get local bands for, etc.

Bass player Bryan Archer is Trinca’s roommate and they practice together almost every weekend. Moquin living up north, comes down to visit every couple months and always seems to do well every show with little practice. After the tour, the band plans on all living together somewhere. Also coming along on tour is Moquin’s friend Chris, filling the role of ‘merch guy’.

This band hopes to have every dimension of what it takes to succeed. Trinca is the brainchild, lead singer, and songwriter. He has every show and logistic down to a T. Scott spends about 10 to 15 hours a week dedicated to booking shows. Archer is the funny guy, whenever on stage he gets everyone excited and laughing. Moquin has the graphic design skills, and also has connections all over the country developed while playing with previous bands.

“We think we have the determination, the drive, and the passion for the music,” said Trinca. “And the coping with the elements that are required to make this thing a success.”

Living in a van for over five months won’t be easy. Luckily some of the local bands will be nice enough to let them crash at their place so they don’t have to spend every night in the van.

The “’Quit Your Life’ North American 2015 Tour” will be going through all 48 continental states. Parts of Canada like Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa are also on the map. Even parts of Mexico like Tijuana and Tecate.

“I’m going to say for a five and a half month tour, I think less than 5% of bands have done a tour of that magnitude (DIY),” said Trinca.

Yes, there are high chances of the van breaking down and maybe going a little tight for money. They are all prepared for those possibilities. In turn they will be getting their band’s name out there, all over the country, just for the thrill of being on the road.

So go cheer them off at Emilio’s on Saturday June 6th, they will be joined by girl duo and high school friend of Trinca, Helladonna, bass player Archer’s side project that he plays drums in, Gorilla Panic, punk/hardcore metal band, A Collegiate Affair and a ska-punk band out of DC, Thirteen Towers.

“We’re putting all of our eggs in one basket for this,” said Trinca. “So hopefully you can put at least one of your eggs in our basket and come out to the show.”

Words by Bridget Douglas