Review: Ceep-A-Zoids, Anti-Queens, and Black Cat Attack prove punk is dead and well at Wonderland

Posted by: brad – Jul 13, 2015


Normally, there's not a lot of rocking on a Thursday night. But since when has Wonderland ever been normal? Richmond's favorite unconventional watering hole recently hosted the local band Creep-A-Zoids, as well as Canadian acts the Anti-Queens and Black Cat Attack.

Kicking of the evening's shenanigans were Creep-A-Zoids, Richmond purveyors of horror punk in the vein of Nekromantix and Reckless Ones. Over the 4th of July weekend, Creep-A-Zoids took part in Heavy Rebel Weekender, a celebration in North Carolina featuring all things good and American, including cars, burlesque, rock and roll, and mud wrestling.

Though the term is more commonly used to describe alternative fuels, if I had to describe Creep-A-Zoids with two words, I'd say “clean energy.” Many times, punk bands are forced to pick between intensity and intelligibility, but Creep-A-Zoids strike a balance between style and substance which is especially rare amongst the psychobilly/punkabilly scene.

Their album, “We Are the Creep-A-Zoids,” was released July 2014 and is available through their website.

The evening's mid-liners were Canada's the Anti-Queens. The punk rock trio from Toronto describe themselves as “4 tits & a dick with some instruments and a serious DIY ethic.”

Their Wonderland performance marked their 5th appearance in their first ever US tour. After discovering Richmond's dining scene, they expressed an interest in returning, and I certainly hope they do- I have a soft spot in my otherwise thorny, knotty heart for lady, or mostly lady, punk bands.

But all personal feelings aside, the Anti-Queens put on quite a good show. If you're keen on the likes of the Runaways or Care Bears on Fire, the Anti-Queens are well worth a listen. Their new album, “Start Running,” was released in June of this year.

Headlining Thursday's show was Ontario's Black Cat Attack. The Sum 41 fans in the audience will be interested to know that none other than Dave Baksh was on guitar Thursday night.

Baksh played guitar for Sum 41 between 1998-2006. The band is in the midst of their Summer tour. Like Creep-A-Zoids, Black Cat Attack embraces punk sound and sci-fi/horror themes with equal gusto.

Star Trek aficionados will be particularly pleased with “Phasers Set to Thrill.” The dual vocals of bassist Bryan Dickface and guitarist Valerie Knox give the band a sort of Sour Patch Kids sweet/sour dynamic. Throw in Baksh's guitar wizardry, and you have one formidable death punk act. Their most recent release is April 2014's “Bright Side of the Moon.”

Those interested in learning more about these bands should check out their official websites linked at the top of this post. Anyone interested in future shows at Wonderland are encouraged like “Wonderland Shows” on Facebook.

Review and photos by William Sams Young