Virginia Beach hip hop artist Lloyd Vines drops new full length album Crucial Style Volume One

Posted by: Amy – Aug 18, 2015


Virginia Beach hip hop artist Lloyd Vines released Crucial Style Volume One July 28, a new full length album with longtime producer Landen Rose.

The two have worked together for years and released a number of projects under the name “Rose & Vines.” The duo released their first collaborative multi-genre mashup in 2011.

In the past, if you know this party animal’s work, you know he’s not just straight up hip hop. Vines incorporates elements of alternative rock, punk rock and metal into his music.

“Landen and I listen to so much different shit we wanted to put all of our influences and ideas into that album {Roses and Vines),” Vines said. “We really wanted to make something original and timeless. Im confident saying we achieved that. {We’re} influenced by pop, punk, hip hop indie rock, classic rock etc.”

But with Crucial Style Volume One, Vines gets back to his roots and what seems to be his true passion: hip hop. Its raw, some of its catchy, others are super heavy and it's more than your run of the mill mixtape that’s just some guy saying non sense words over a few beats. No one song is the same and he’s got lyrics to back up his beats.

“It’s pretty much all over the place,” Vines said.

The hip hop artist has been plugging away at the new album for about three years and is happy with how it turned out.

“With the Crucial Style project I really wanted to focus on rapping for the most part like our version of a hip hop mixtape,” he said. “You know when dudes would put out a mixtape and just spit non-stop that’s what I wanted to do with this mixtape. The music we make under "Rose & Vines" is more guitar melody and chorus driven I sing, scream, stuff like that. I don’t think we stick with any particular genre.”

He just released videos for The Virginia Fleezer song, Kissed Her On the Mouth and a video for “Build Strong,” a RZA cover, which is on point.

Vines’ does a great job of covering the song and puts his own spin on it and the outcome is really solid and authentic.

“An old friend showed me the song and I fell in love with it,” he said. “It gave me the chills, made me feel something and the words are so honest.”

Vines went on to say he loves the emotion RZA shows on the track.

There’s also some movie clips thrown into the mix on the album from Big Fish so listen out for that.

Vines said he draws his inspiration from music, his friends and family and his life experiences.

“Mainly experiencing new things inspires me the most, helps me to understand and learn how to be a better person,” he said.

Over the next few months, Vines plans to release to release a couple of videos he's shot and the new Roses & Vines project, The Perfect Conversation is finished up and Vines anticipates releasing that in September.

Words by Amy David