Glam Punk rockers Toxic Moxie to debut new album 'Episode VI' at Sound of Music Recording Studios this Saturday

Posted by: Amy – Aug 19, 2015


Toxic Moxie, one of Richmond’s most eclectic bands, is releasing their new album, Episode VI- their third release in two years. The band is on tour for a full week traveling through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, and finally wrapping up their tour back in Richmond.

RVA Mag recently spoke with band members Mitch Kordella, Sera Stavroula, Danny Crawford and Justin Shear to get a little insight into what we can expect from these musical pioneers who the city loves so much.

“Like the rest of our albums it’s all DIY, done in house,” said bassist/keyboardist Kordella.

Crawford, the band’s drummer, recorded, mixed and mastered everything himself according to Kordella.

“We recorded a lot of the guitars in empty rooms and Justin’s room and recorded all the vocals in my bedroom,” said Crawford.

Kordella said the Episode VI album sounds a little different than their previous work, but the instrumentation is the same.

“This album has more synth and less bass guitar,” he said. “Sera is still lead vocals, I do a little bit of back-up vocals. This one compared to the first two is more dancey-electronic, and it’s the most catchy of the three albums. At the same time, it’s a little more punk, heavy, and in-your-face.”

The band’s work on this new album came through with multiple layers of depth and feeling.

“I think the songs carry their own messages,” said Stavroula. “I don’t know if there’s one strong message there but rather multiple ones.”

Toxic Moxie has released “86 Tomorrow,” a new track off the album to give you a taste of what’s to come, which you can listen to here.

Episode VI reminds us that regardless of one’s self attributed genre of choice, we can always find inspiration and excitement in different tastes.

“Toxic Moxie is a band of musical misfits. Emerging from the worlds of glam, punk, jam, disco, and fuzz, they have honed in on a sound that is completely their own,” said Shannon Cleary of RVA Mag. Though they might be hard to place, it can certainly be said that they are a band to keep an eye on.

You can grab your copy of Episode VI on Sat., August 22 at Sound of Music Recording Studios.

In addition to the new album, the band will also release what they’re calling their “VHS Box Set”, containing one CD of 15 songs that encompasses all three albums. The “VHS Box Set” will also have artwork and design particular to it created by Rachel Hume. Check that out here.

With Stavroula living in New York City now, Toxic Moxie sadly won’t be playing as many Richmond shows, so don’t fret because Kordella stressed the band isn’t going anywhere.

But for all you Toxic Moxie fans old and new out there, be sure to catch them this Saturday at Sound of Music Recording Studios because it will be your last chance for awhile!

Grab your tickets here.

Words by Heaton Johnson