Starr Hill Brewery's Whiter Shade White IPA is f-ing delicious

Posted by: brad – Aug 20, 2015


Summer is almost wrapped up, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a few more refreshing brews while the humidity stays at near-swimming pool levels.

And we've got just the refreshing brew for you - Starr Hill Brewery's Whiter Shade White IPA!

Starr Hill claims the new beer "marries two bold beer styles: the Belgian Wit and the IPA, and the two flavors are easy to notice and leave the consumer with a crips taste that is sure to compliment warm August nights.

It's a little citrusy, but also a little spicy with a bit of bite to it.

Come in a 7.5% ABV, its a good treat-yo-self beer as well.

"That's f*cking delicious," said RVAMag Pres. John Reinhold as we sampled the Whiter Shade last week. He noticed the combination of hops which gave the drink a nice, but not over-blown hop flavor.

"It's a very good balance - its very drinkable. Usually you have an IPA made with pale ale, they throw a bunch of hops before or after the brewing process," said Reinhold. "The sugars play a role in the alcohol percentage, but the Belgian beer can bump up that ABV. The finally product is great though, you get that sweet Belgian-y flavor with a bit of the IPA. It's a good beer."

You should be able to pick up Whiter Shade at most beer retailers, so keep an eye out.

Words by BK