From trance to trap, there's something for every EDM lover on local producer Guram Dzhulakidze's latest project

Posted by: Amy – Nov 03, 2015


Don’t look the other way, we all have a tendency to drop our shoulders along with a beat from time to time and local producer Guram Dzhulakidze is a maestro when it comes to EDM.

Pulling inspiration largely from his Euro background, cultural influences, and producing alums like Pharrell and Trent Reznor, Dzhulakidze’s artistry is like a Pollack painting of sound. Splatters of different techniques are combined to create meaning or a variation of. Tracks created by Dzhulakidze loom from one ear to the other as if there’s an orb of techy trap music having a (good) malfunction inside your head cavity.

“I started off in the creative sphere as a graphic designer, digital art, and fine arts,” Dzhulakidze said. “Originally I never had the whole music works in my mind at all, but I was exposed music producing programs that allowed me to, in a way, paint sounds.”

More recently, Dzhulakidze has been working on NBL or, Night Before Last, a track project that slings to the listener a music jamboree that integrates cultural influences in various tones that span along the lines of Trap and EDM-genre music.

Originally from Europe, it’s also clear that much of Guram Dzhulakidze’s talent comes from cultural influences that he integrates into his tracklist--especially for NBL. Having traveled across the world, Dzhulakidze has absorbed quite an influence from Eastern and Western European culture.

When listening to tracks from NBL you find yourself jumping back and forth in a pumping hippodrome that hits the most diverse set of drops and reverbs. Though the hippodrome is the SoundCloud interface, Dzhulakidze is gaining quite the following.

An example of Dzhulakidze’s work that demonstrates exactly what he’s about is in his track “Marrakech”. The track starts with a woman’s hum that looms throughout the entire track, and there’s a concrete integration with the hum and trap noises that holds persistence.

In his upbeat trip-hop track “The Watcher,” British people are having a conversation within the tracks, computer sounds malfunction (in a good way) and retro instrumentals make appearances out of nowhere as your mind attempts to assimilate the various genres that he throws at you--like a slingshot. You’re unprepared, but will take it.

“I want to be able to create music for every person and their tastes,” he said. “In my main career, in sales, I do a lot of traveling within and outside of the United States. Those experiences are what shaped, and continue to shape my music and craft.”

Nonetheless, Dzhulakidze’s diverse tracklist has something for every EDM lover to enjoy from trance to trap. As a music producer, he’s got it.

Check out the NBL project on SoundCLoud.

Words by Trina Zongker.