RVA punk band Insubordination ends 168 day, nation-wide tour this weekend at Emilio's

Posted by: brad – Nov 18, 2015


“This tour has been the biggest, most rewarding risk we’ve taken with our band. The fact that we got to see a new thing everyday, play a different area and meet new people everyday is nothing shy of being the privilege of a lifetime,” said Christian Moquin, drummer of the Richmond native punk band Insubordination. "There were ups and downs. Good shows and bad shows. But even the worst day on tour is better than the best day at work.”

After 168 days on the road, 115 shows, 47 states, and 2 neighboring countries, the tour concludes at Emilio’s in Richmond, VA. This Saturday November 21st at 10pm.

The purpose of this tour was basically: why not. They had the van, the band, the determination, the songs, and the merchandise. Everyone’s young and it’s the time to do it. Three guys in the band, the merch guy, and I (Trinca’s girlfriend) were lucky enough to come along.

The band itself is made up of Scott Trinca and Bryan Archer, both from Richmond, VA, and Christian Moquin of Concord, New Hampshire. ‘Merch guy’ Chris Rydel is also from New Hampshire and a long-time friend of Moquin’s who had followed the band on long tours in the past.

“Traveling with your best friends when you’re young is a blessing, especially with music involved,” said Rydel.

Rydel runs the merch table and helps out on vocals.

Lead singer and guitarist Scott Trinca and drummer Christian Moquin started booking the bulk of the shows in January. On the road they’ve been booking shows everyday. Even on days they had off they would book last minute shows. For example, in Flagstaff, Arizona an hour before a Voodoo Glow Skulls show, they showed up, asked to hop on and they let them.

Most importantly, this epic tour was about getting their name out there in all corners of the country as well as Toronto, Montreal, Tijuana, etc. They’ve certainly done that. People all over North America now have their shirts, CD’s and stickers. They’ve been compared to punk bands like NOFX, Rancid, the Ramones and Teenage Bottlerocket.

I had a guy in Denver tell me how blown away he was at how awesome they are; a guy in Seattle kept coming over and buying merch; a guy in Bozeman, Montana said they reminded him of the skate punk he listened to as a kid; kids in Mexico thought they were the best thing since sliced bread.

The band in NYC

After playing 100+ shows, they have become very tight as a band. Trinca sings and screams his lungs out to the point that he’s lost his voice a few times on tour and plays his guitar with passion that shows in his face and movements. Bass player Bryan Archer keeps the audience laughing with his charisma and jokes in between songs. Moquin plays a forceful and fast punk beat.

They’ve played a dirt lot behind a mechanic shop in Agua Prieta, SON, Mexico; crazy house shows in Wichita, Kansas and Tucson, Arizona; a storage unit in Gainesville, Florida; and even 2 shows on a single Sunday in San Jose / Santa Cruz. Not to mention meeting Chris of Lagwagon at a last minute hookah bar show in Santa Barbara, California.

On days off, we’d explore the cities we were in, checking out national landmarks and cool neighborhoods. Trinca and Rydel are skaters so they’d find ledges in parking lots or famous skate spots like Burnside in Portland and Pier 7 in San Francisco.

We’ve driven through 100+ degree deserts in Arizona in our van that has no AC; almost didn’t get into Canada; saw the Grand Canyon; Niagara Falls; the Golden Gate bridge; went camping in Montana; trimmed legalized plants in Denver; crossed into Mexico 5 times; visited Sun Studio in Memphis, and more recently, were there at Fest 14 to see Teenage Bottlerocket’s last show with late drummer, Brandon Carlisle.

“This tour started as a random thought one day and now that we’ve lived the entire thing, I believe you can really do anything you set your mind to,” said Trinca. “People we’ve met, places we’ve seen and times we’ve had we’ll always carry those with us.”

The band in Concord, New Hampshire

It’s been an experience to say the least. We’ve slept in the heat, paid for a few van repairs, but never had to pay for gas out of pocket.. The door money from the shows covered all that (thankfully).

They’ve been able to make it through such a long tour with the help of bands, friends and family connections across the country. A lot of times crashing with people or bands we meet at the shows.

“This tour has been an experience of a lifetime. I’ve seen so many great places and met so many nice people who share the same love for music as I do,” said Archer. “So many people have helped us follow our dream.”

They’ll be back in the studio in January to record new songs with their label, Angry Pirate Records. They’ll be releasing a music video they shot in LA in September by Moquin’ s friend, John LaFirira for their song ‘In the Hole’ in early December.

In the meantime their CD ‘Disorderly Presence’ can be found on iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp.

These guys need a warm welcome home this Saturday at Emilio’s. They’ve killed it on the road the past 5 1/2 months so we need their hometown of RVA to show some love. They’re not pop punk, indie, or metal, they’re good punk rock and you want to see them.

Joining them on the show will be two bands they played with on the tour: Zombii, punk rock, from Connecticut and Sprowt, pop punk, from Flint, Michigan. These dudes have never been to Richmond, so again, show some love.

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Words by Bridget Douglas photos via the band