RVA Mag's Snow Day Brews List

Posted by: Amy – Jan 21, 2016


So everyone is freaking out about the potential blizzard headed our way this weekend. It might be a few flakes, it could be 6 inches, who can tell?

Either way, you need to be prepared with the essentials to get you through the chilly weekend of snow, sleet and rain. And no I'm talking about bread, eggs, and milk. It's obvious from the grocery shelves you've already bought your lifetime supply.

I mean the good stuff, beer. It's what keeps you sane when you're cooped up in the house for days. Many of the local breweries have released quite a few brews that are perfect for Winter weather so RVA Mag thought we'd compile a list for you to try while huddled under your blankets watching Netflix all day everyday this weekend. Hopefully you can get some before the crazies get out to the store!

RVA Mag's Winter Brew Snow Day list:

Legend’s Winter White. The brewery's winterized take on the Belgian Wietbier. They've blended spicy hops, coriander and orange peel for this brew.

Their Golden IPA is also a nice, light, but flavorful choice.

The Answer has a couple brews that you could enjoy as you watch the blizzard descend upon us. Their Mouth Hug is a All Citra Double IPA. The brewpub also has "She Gone", an Amarillo and Mosaic DIPA. If you're looking for a good IPA this is the place to go. They also have "Crowlers" (or cans) and growlers so you can stock up on your favorite brew ahead of the storm!

Hardywood Bourbon Barrel Sidamo is next on our list. This Imperial Coffee Stout aged in Bourbon Barrels is actually being released this weekend, but the brewery has a similar brew already in rotation that you can scoop up if you dont want to venture out in the snow!

Their Apple Brandy, an Imperial Milk Stout with spices aged in Apple Brandy Barrels is fit to sip on in the Winter months.

Strangeways Freeze Ray Eisbock. Its thick, its creamy, its chocolately. All perfect for a wintery day.

Their Golden Belgian Ale, Snake and the Snowman would also make a great brew for the weekend. These are just their seasonals, but Strangeways flagship beers, such as their Belgian Style Brown Ale Woodbooger and Albino Monkey, a Beglian White Ale, are delicious options for a cold winter’s night.

Ardent Craft Ales recently released a Dark Rye, an American imperial stout, black in color with a long-lasting tan head. The spiciness of the rye is privileged over the roasted quality in both aroma and flavor. The beer is full-bodied, with a dry chocolaty finish. The brewery also just released an Earl Grey Brown Ale for you tea lover which I heard is fantastic

Isley Brewing regularly has the delicious Choosy Mother on tap, a peanut butter oatmeal porter. This peanut butter varitation their regular oatmeal porter has hints of chocolate, peanut butter, and oats, this porter will satisfy any palette. Peanut butter and chocolate-can't go wrong.

Center of the Universe's Scotchtown Ale also looks like a great brew for a chilly day. It's COTU’s take on a classic Scottish- style ale. Brewed with eight different malts, including roasted barley and smoked malt, Scotchtown is a distinctly malt-forward beer.

We all tend to crave a little something sweet when it’s cold. Give Triple Crossing's Vanilla Night Lands a try. It’s an imperial stout brewed with Vanilla, Cinnamon and Cocoa. If you prefer something on the lighter side, than go for their American IPA, the Falcon Smash.

Goochland farm brewery Lickinghole Creek has a few tasty brews to keep you busy on these upcoming snow days as well. The Virginia Black Bear was released a few months ago. Notes of dark chocolate and coffee in this Russian Imperial Stout make this the perfect brew for cold nights.

The brewery's new Chai Tea Virginia Black Bear is a Russian Imperial Stout with Chai Tea provided by Carytown Teas for all you chai tea lovers! the brew features the dark chocolate and distinctive hop flavor of Virginia Black Bear fused with the spiciness of Indian Chai Dark chocolate, cinnamon, clove and vanilla are all included to satisfy those taste buds.

If you're like me and like a little something spicy and a little something sweet, head to Carytown's Garden Grove Brewing and try out their Chili and the Chocolate Factory. This is a Chocolate Chili-Pepper Porter with a mild, pleasing heat that builds over time. Featuring Ancho, Pasilla, and fresh Anaheim Peppers grown at Tricycle Gardens Urban Farm in Manchester its sure to heat you up during the next few days.

7 Hills Brewing
on South 15th Street started pouring their a few months ago and they have a couple on tap that would be perfect to pair with cold weather. I recommend trying out the Brown's Island Brown Ale and 42nd Street Stout.

Final Gravity's Irish Goodbye Stout is a good brew to have on hand for winter. It's ade with Virginia grown and malted barley from Wood's Mill Malt House.

If you have an allergy, or craft beer just doesn't do anything for you for some odd reason you can always opt for a few other options around town to keep you warm and toasty for the snow storm.

Technically not a beer, but what's cold weather without cider? Blue Bee Cider has a bunch of delicious options, but one that caught my eye was Firecracker. Firecracker is a dessert cider made from Virginia Gold Rush apples and ginger-infused eau de vie, created in partnership with Catoctin Creek Distilling Company and Casselmonte Farm. For those who aren't beer fans for some crazy reason, this is perfect for you!

And Black Heath Meadery here in RVA is other good option to try. Their Valhalla Elder Medd is an elderberry and elderflower mead that looks pretty interesting.

Not local, but since RVA Mag did its own personal taste test on it awhile back, it's worth a mention. Starr Hill's Snowblind Dopplebock is a great choice for a snow day. It's right in the name you can't go wrong! The brew has a caramel aroma and toasted malt flavor. Coming in at 7%, this seasonal beer has hints of apple and the smells creep up before you even take your first sip. Its clean and crisp, but still flavorful. It's also mild enough to have more than just a few which is good since you'll be stuck inside.

Also a good one that's a little on the sweeter side is "Shakedown", a full-bodied imperial chocolate cherry stout.

So there you have it, our Winter brew picks that will make your snow days a little more enjoyable. And for a detailed rundown of craft-beer related events this weekend, if you dare to venture out in the blizzard, can be found in our Tapped column here.

Stock up and stay dry! Cheers!

Words by Amy David.