Don't Chase Felix debuts music video for first single, 'Holiday'

Posted by: Amy – Feb 18, 2016


Complete with awesome dance moves, giant stacks of pancakes, upbeat happy vocals, paper airplanes and running through the Virginia mountains, the new music video for Don't Chase Felix's new single "Holiday" is a fun, "love is the air" type song.

But not corny, just sweet. The new single features former Northerners' band member Justin Khoury and Caroline Mauck of local band Colin and Caroline.

Don't Chase Felix is a project consisting of a bunch of RVA musicians collaborating on different songs that Khoury began working on in the fall.

The collective released the single for "Holiday" last month and shot in Loudon County and directed by Patrick Mason. Read more about their project in our interview with Khoury here.

Stay tuned because the group will soon release a song featuring former Sam Reed former member of the Photosynthesizers.

Words by Amy David