Local punk frontman expands recording operation with new low-cost, high tech studio

Posted by: brad – Mar 16, 2016


A local musician here in Richmond has started a new recording studio.

Pedro Aida, general manager of Fat Dragon Chinese Kitchen and Bar, producer, and member of bands Ann Beretta and Los Ramones, has recently created the recording studio Audio Verite.

An upgraded version of Aida’s former studio, Detached Sound, Audio Verite is located in a new location, and aims for a more sophisticated build.

“When I moved to Lakeside I began building the current studio,” Aida said. “When we built the studio it was a way more professional build, it was way more professionally tuned- a lot of acoustic treatment.”

“This is a complete 180 from Detached Sound,” he said. “I wanted to really do it right this time- put in the right investments, the right materials, and upgrade the gear a lot- everything from not just recording gear- to instruments, amps, drums- all that.”

Audio Verite also offers better, newer microphones, Aida said.

The new studio space is housed inside of a bigger facility, located on Aida’s home property in Lakeside.

He said one of the benefits of having the studio in his home was the cost savings which he can then pass down to those who rent his space.

"there’s no pressure as far as me owing rent to somebody or having to renew a lease- so that makes it easy and I can keep my prices low,” Aida said.

Currently, the two producers working at the studio are Aida and Andreas Magnusson.

Aida’s recording experience spans almost two decades, started with home recordings in the 1990’s. Aida also attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Arizona.

“I went out there and lived there for about a year … I got certified, got all the basics I needed to learn, and my first real world experience was interning with Brian McTernan up in Baltimore at Salad Days Studio,” Aida said. “At that point Brian had done (produced) a lot of punk and hardcore bands- everything from Engine Down, to Brother’s Keeper, Fairweather, Snapcase- a lot of big bands, Thrice, Strike Anywhere.”

After interning at Salad Days Studio, Aida spent a year playing and touring in bands. He ended up moving to Richmond in early 2002.

That's where he picked up even more skills interning at local favorites Sound of Music, eventually earning the title of full time audio engineer.

Recording wise, Aida has had studio time with bands such as: Positive No, Dead Fame, Fun Size, Ann Beretta, and Paper Trail.

“My goal for the space honestly is to have it open to not only myself, but to other local engineers that need a space for cheap to do their recordings, and for people who can’t necessarily afford to build their own spaces- to kind of be a co-op with different engineers and producers,” Aida said. “The goal is to have the studio grow.”

For more info, check out Pedro Aida’s Facebook page.

Words and photos by Laura Bittner