Folk-punk(ish) rockers Everymen to take over Smatter Sunday following European tour

Posted by: brad – Mar 24, 2016


Spring means a lot of things to a lot of people. To those with allergies, misery. To Mel Brooks fans, Hitler. But for most everyone, it represents rebirth and renewed vitality. And what better way to expedite the revitalization process than with a little Punk Rock and Roll?

There will be more Punk than you can shake a clenched fist at this Sunday at Strange Matter.

Sunday's lineup will feature local acts Clever Girl and Creep-A-Zoids, followed by Florida's Everymen, and Philly's Mischief Brew.

Everymen vocalist/banjo player/guitarist/all-around swell guy Serg took a break from touring to talk Europe, the pursuit of happiness, and the band's sweet, sweet, Folk-Punk sound.

The Folk-Punk handle might conjure images of a traditional Punk three piece with a side of banjo or washtub bass, but in Everymen's case, Folk-Punk is simply the closest nomenclature there is.

“We're not bluegrass, we're not really folk, but we have this weird sound, so we decided we're just going to play punk, but with bluegrass instruments,” Serg said.

As if breaking genre boundaries wasn't enough, the band somewhat recently broke international boundaries with their first European tour.

“It was really amazing, I was really impressed,” Serg said. “They do things a lot different there. They really respect musicians there.”

Of course, Serg has nothing but the utmost appreciation for the band's fans, no matter what country they live in. “To everyone out there, everybody that comes to our shows and buys anything, they have no idea, not a clue how important they are,” Serg said. “We all work and stuff when we're at home, and people ask me at work, 'Do you think you're successful with your band?”, because I tell them we sleep on floors, and I'm like, 'Yeah, I do.'”

To Serg, success is less about beachfront property and a 401K and more about doing what you want. “I think a lot of people don't find themselves to be successful and I feel like being happy and doing the things you love is success, you know?" he said.

Catch Mischief Brew, Everymen, Creep-A-Zoids, and Clever Girl this Sunday, March 27th at Strange Matter. Show starts at 7PM, tickets are available online or at the door.

Words by William Young