RVA pop-punk group Underdog Champs to shoot music videos for upcoming EP during Canal Club show Friday

Posted by: Amy – Apr 14, 2016


It's not often Richmond residents get to be apart of a music video done by an awesome band. Okay, maybe it is, but I think most of us hear about those opportunities after the fact and miss out on all the fun.

Well, this Friday you'll have your chance to be in a music video and see a sweet show at The Canal Club. Local pop-rock group Underdog Champs will play their new unreleased EP, Skeletons in Daylight in its entirety and film the entire show to be released as individual music videos at a later date.

"We're going to do a video for every song so we have a bunch of different people shooting," said lead vocalist Mark Bradley."We are a very high energy live band so we just wanted something to capture that. It's a simple way to get videos to go along with the music and we want to be authentic."

Underdog Champs formed in the summer of 2014 as a recording project by Bradley and guitarist Nick Jones.

"Nick and I wrote a bunch of songs and started demoing about a year ago in May we put out an EP in May called Picked Last," Bradley said.

In September, Underdog Champs solidified as a four piece with Josh Bailey on drums and Justin Mason on bass and began work on their current album.

"Hopefully we'll release it this summer, it's eight tracks and we've been working on it pretty much this whole year since we put out the last EP," he said. "We're working on artwork and video concepts and things like that."

The band recorded in a friends studio here in Virginia and then sent it off to get mixed and mastered at Summation Audio in Nashville.

Bradley describes their sound as pop-punk, reminiscent of the early 2000s.

"What we all love when we first got into music, {was} that really early on 2000 Warped Tour scene mesh of pop-punk, but a little more like on the frantic side, kind of like Thrice-influenced.

On Skeletons in Daylight, Bradley said many of the tracks are deeply personal.

"All the songs are about these dark personal things that I normally wouldn't say to anybody," he said. "In a song you can write something really brutal, really honest, really scathing."

Prior to this EP, Underdog Champs released two singles, "Take Me Back" and "When the World Ends."

Underdog Champs will play their new EP in full at The Canal Club this Friday, April 15th. There will also be performances by Relate, Brave Fire, and Hollow//Bodies. $2 cover. Underdog Champs take the stage at 9:30. Now go and be apart of a music video.

Words by Amy David. Interview by Brad Kutner