VA hip hop artist Tyler Wrighteous releases new single off upcoming album, 'nimbus'

Posted by: Amy – May 23, 2016


Last week, rising Stafford, Virginia hip hop artist, Tyler Wrighteous released “Atmosphere,”, a new single off his upcoming project, nimbus.

Attending Old Dominion University, 24-year-old Wrighteous has made connections throughout Northern Virginia, Richmond, and Norfolk and been making music for the last five years.

With a special feature from Virginia-based artist Con, Wrighteous takes you on a journey of his lifestyle and describes what he sees in a captivating way throughout "Atmosphere", which is the second single off the upcoming album nimbus.

“Atmosphere is kind of funny, because it doesn’t sound like anything I have done before,” said Wrighteous. “It was pretty much my take on what I’m hearing music wise.”

Wrighteous puts his own spin on this “turnt up” record by discussing the topics of drugs and alcohol.

"Cheatcode", a track, which was released three months ago, will also be on the upcoming album as a bonus track.

nimbus, Wrighteous’ first original debut project will be released sometime this fall, and Wrighteous said hip hop heads can expect a number of special guest collaborations.

Th artist teamed up with producer, Rozwell a producer from hip hop collective Produced By the Woods, for the upcoming album.

“Rozwell produced two songs on the project,” said Wrighteous.

Wrighteous finds himself listening to a lot of current artists from Virginia nowadays such as D.R.A.M., Sunny and Gabe, Nickelus F, and Goldlink, but he’s also influenced by bigger artists as well.

“Tribe, Lupe Fiasco, Childish Gambino, Kanye West, are my influences,” said Wrighteous. “I have a lot of influences man.”

Wrighteous will be performing at RVA's annual hip hop showcase Epic Fest VI this year for the fifth consecutive year, so be sure to stop by at the show.

Keep an eye on RVA Mag for upcoming releases from Wrighteous ahead of his debut project, nimbus.

Words by Isaiah Williams