Iron Regan drops new brutal track ahead of 2017 record, Broadberry gig on 12/2

Posted by: brad – Nov 18, 2016


Do you like metal? Do you like thrash? Then you're going to love this new Iron Regan track.

“A Dying World” appears on Iron Regan’s forthcoming record Crossover Ministry which is due out February 3rd from Relapse Records - you can preorder it now. The album, the band’s third, was recorded by Iron Regan guitarist Phil “Landphil” Hall and mixed by Kurt Ballou. In its 18 tracks, Crossover Ministry features 30 minutes of relentlessly catchy riffs, mosh-ready grooves and astutely relevant lyrics.

Check it out below:

While there's still a bit of time before the new record you'll be able to see the RVA-natives live at The Broadberry along side Down to Nothing and Dead & Dreaming on 12/2 - you can snag tickets here.

Words by BK