We saw some good live music this weekend (12/12/16)

Posted by: brad – Dec 12, 2016


Oh man, it was a great weekend for tunes and we did our best to see as many shows as we could. Here's a quick rundown of what we caught -

The video quality might not be stellar but the audio worked out in most cases - if this sucks, lets us know, otherwise we'll keep doing it.

Julie Karr and Bad Magic

I've been on the Julie Karr train for some time; back when she was an acoustic solo project that sounded like what Cat Power used to sound like. She's since left RVA only to return and unite with Bad Grrl Records owner Tim Falen to create this new iteration. Check out the video from Hardywood this past Friday below:

The Wimps

We've been digging on The Wimps since they dropped their first record in April of this year. I've managed to catch them in both electric and acoustic sets and both offered unique takes on their already interesting brand of poppy-love songs. Check out a bit from their show this past Friday at The Camel.

Half Bascule

This project is a nice mix of local guitar/dulcitar master Dave Watkins and Dumb Waiter Drummer Nathaniel Roseberry. As always, it was a crisp and crazy improv performance from the two skilled musicians at a very cold, very secret location in town. Check it out below:

Illiterate Light

This Harrisonburg duo damn near ripped the lid off of a local house show late Saturday night. I hadn't heard them before but it was a real pleasure to catch them live. Check them out below -

Thanks for being an awesome place for local show, RVA.

Words by BK