DJ David Sporn offers international turntablists a voice with WVCW's Monday Mashup

Posted by: brad – Dec 27, 2016


Local DJ David Sporn, host of Monday Mashup on VCU's WVCW, has had an interesting few years. Interviews with leading dance music DJs and turntablists from around the world have made the local voice stand out and win awards, so we thought it would be great to catch up with him. Sure enough, RVAMag President John Reinhold reached out and asked Sporn a few questions. Check out details below and keep up with Mashup Monday here.

1. How did Monday mashup come about?

Oh man where to begin on that one. So I had just moved back from managing a club in Chapel Hill NC, and had moved back into my parents house. Let me tell you, they were overjoyed. So I'm working on dj gigs and misc other things, but was really starting totally new back in Richmond. I remember I was in the living room, and my Mom yelled at me from the kitchen that VCU was looking for people to host shows on WVCW. Well a few years earlier I worked on a show at WDCE 90.1 FM, University of Richmond's radio station, so I was totally in to get back on air. I met with WVCW's DJ Darnell Myrick and he showed me around and I signed up then and there. I asked for a Monday slot because what club DJ has a gig on a Monday? So I figured it was something to do, and could eventually give me the chance to maybe host guest mixes or even an interview. Almost three years later I'm still here.

2. What are your top moments of the show?

Everyone hears the stuff that makes the air, but I get to hear all of the stuff that gets edited out, and man the stories I could tell.

I had on Trentino (Red Bull Thre3style US Champion) and DJ Shifttee (DMC World Champion), who both credited DJ Skribble with being their inspiration. Getting to tell Skribble that over the phone was one of the coolest moments.

Recently I had on Torro Torro, and during the recording I had ableton crash on me. I apologized so much and explained what happened. Instead of them getting mad they asked what happened so they could talk me through the problem. Then we talked about how its unfair they have a Prime Minister like Justin Trudeau, and we have well... American politics.

The in person interviews have been beyond the coolest thing. Thinking.... wait.. Matoma came to my house? We had a beer? what? They filmed for his documentary... in my room. I can't describe it. Its like for that split second, we're in a studio in LA, not my room in RVA.

Getting to know TJR has been huge. So TJR and I met doing an episode of my show, actually through RVA Mag. Tony hit me up and asked if I was interested in doing this spot, we setup an interview, and next thing I know I'm on the phone with TJR. TJ interview was so much fun, it was like talking to an old friend. The next night I did a show review on TJ at soundcheck, and he brought the heat. It was welcoming because Soundcheck is now managed by former Richmonder Matt Busch. Whole thing feels like family, but the best part was getting to meet TJ after the show, he brought me into the green room with a few friends so we could actually talk, grabbed a picture and kept texting the next day. He's actually the only artist I've had on my show twice. He actually keeps in touch with me every once and a while.

3. Can you tell me about the recent award you were nominated for?

So this is pretty cool, recently I got nominated for the Best Artist Interview for the IBS (Intercollegiate Broadcasting System) Golden Microphone Awards. So we'll find out in March if I had the best, but right now I'm in a group of 5 nom's. Either in March, I'll get a big trophy, or a little trophy. It means a lot because it is, that we know of, the first EDM show to ever be nominated.

In the group it's myself and Elephante in the interview, and the rest of the nominates are a host and co-host, and a band. Getting the nomination has meant the world to me and everyone that's a part of the show.

4. What guest knocked you off your feet?

So many have blown me away. One of my favorite was when I reached out to Z-TRIP. I figured I wouldn't get a response, but he responded to my email within an hour from his cellphone, and was "super down". I remember sitting in Sidewalk Café freaking out over it when my phone went off. I had asked him for a 15-20 min interview, we talked for an hour and 45 min.

He was the realest and most down to earth dude, but when I asked him for a crazy story from being on the road, he gave a personal PSA about being in the industry, that really hit home for me. I was speechless. When I got off the phone I was so blown away, I didn't know what to say. After it went onto, he shared it to his personal page, and it ranked 15th on the College Radio hart on mixcloud. For a guy that's such a legend in the community to not only take that much time to talk to me, but on a real level, and then support!! I literally couldn't ask for more.

5. What are your future plans for this show / personal plans?

I want to develop the show more into a video talk show, on top of being on air and podcast. We've got some more to go for that, but we've been partnering with some amazingly talented audio and video professionals that will help get things there. I have a slew of artists that I've been trying to get on and we're constantly working on growing in different ways. YouTube and Spotify are the next big obstacles and areas we want to grow into more. Personally, I'm working on developing myself as a DJ more, I've had a strong focus on turntablism in the past few years, and want to expand into different markets in the US outside of the east coast and Midwest. All in all I want change the game like the guys that came before me, that I look up too. I want to do something different, and give back to the industry as well.

Keep up with Sporn and the Monday Mashup on Mixcloud here.

Interview by JR