Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden seeking artist submissions for 'Wild Art: A Journey Off-Canvas' exhibit

Posted by: Amy – Jan 03, 2017


Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is looking for regional emerging and established artists to submit proposals for their upcoming temporary outdoor exhibit, "Wild Art: A Journey Off-Canvas."

The exhibit, expected to run May 26 – October 1, is a collaborative community project inspired by nature to transform the garden into a living tapestry of natural art according to the site.

Wild Art will feature 12 large-scale art installations using nature as the medium. The art installations will be comprised of materials found in the natural environment, in their natural state or minimally processed including live plants, fallen trees, limbs, vines, dried grasses, soil, sand, rock, water, metal ore, cotton, linen, silk, leather, and handmade paper.

There will also be Wild Art creation stations for visitors to become a part of the exhibit.

Interested artists can download the Request for Proposal form here which includes a detailed description of the exhibition, the schedule, guidelines, selection criteria, and application requirements. Proposals are due by midnight, January 15.

There is also a Pre-Propoal interest meeting tonight at Lewis Ginter at 5:30 pm where the exhibit will be discussed.

Words by Amy David