We dig this GATECREEPER record, catch them at The Broadberry 3/20 with NAILS and Toxic Holocaust

Posted by: brad – Jan 05, 2017


We get lots of emails, most of them suck, some of them are decent - such was the case for GATECREEPER.

Hailing from Arizona, GATECREEPER offers crunchy metal riffs just begging for a pitch-harmonic tweak. Fast, unforgiving and brutal, these guys hit a lot of musical requirements for me (Spoiler alert, Fast, unforgiving and brutal are my only requirements)

Check out the video for "Desperation," which opens with a porno-store robbery, below:

Their new full-length EP, Sonoran Depravation, was released via Relapse Records last October. Produced by Ryan Bram at Homewrecker Studios and mixed by Kurt Ballou (Converge, Nails, Black Breath) at God City Studios, the record tears and chugs through more than thirty minutes of crusty, doom-soaked death metal at its most infectious and uncompromising with a massive sound that calls to mind the classic Swedish buzz-saw attack of Dismember and Grave mixed with the impeccable groove of Obituary and Bolt Thrower.

Check out all of Sonoran Depravation or buy it here via bandcamp.

You can catch GATECREEPER when they open up for NAILS and Toxic Holocaust at the Broadberry this March, 3/20. - SNAG TICKETS HERE.

Words by BK