Williamsburg pop rock outfit Griff’s Room Band to release debut album 1/13

Posted by: Amy – Jan 05, 2017


Last time RVA Mag spoke to Williamsburg pop rock quartet Griff’s Room Band they had just released two singles in the summer of 2015. And for the last few summers, the band has been hard at work in the studio on their debut album Heartbreak/Desire, and next week they will release their fiddle-heavy pop rock tunes to the world.

A collection of love songs, the 10-track album is quite the eclectic mix according to the band.

“It draws on a lot of influences, we like catchy pop tunes from early Maroon 5, Vampire Weekend is a big influence on my string playing so there’s a lot of layered string parts on there,” said David Adley, vocalist/violinist of GRB.

Made catchy with poppy hooks and fiddles, the album also brings in some old-school Motown vibes which is a changeup of what they’ve been doing the last few years according to GRB’s guitarist Liam Anastasia-Murphy.

“We were kind of more like straight up folk for the first couple years we were around, and that was more a product of how we developed, playing on the streets for people and playing with friends in college, I don’t think it’s ever quite where we wanted to go,” he said.

“This album is much more representative of four years playing together, we still have those folk elements of three-part harmonies...but as we grew and started incorporating more electric guitar ...experimenting more with different sounds things really opened up a bit and I think it really provided for a much more honest rep of who we were as a band and musicians growing together, I think that comes through in the music really well."

Griff’s Room Band has released two singles off the forthcoming album, "Part of Me" and "Reputation" which if the album is anything like these two, will be upbeat, poppy and fun.

"Reputation" is definitely a fun tune to dance to with a big glass of whiskey on a nice summer day with friends. It's very catchy and you know you're in for a good time as soon as it comes on.

Heartbreak/Desire was recorded by Rob Evans at Haunted Hollow, Dave Matthews Band's private studio in Charlottesville and mixed by Will Kennedy at Studio P in Los Angeles (OAR, One Republic), where Adley is currently living.

“We went in for a four-day session and we did four songs and then we went back to the studio this past summer and did six more and it was a great experience,” he said. “We’d written all these songs over the past four years and we really wanted to get the full arrangement recorded. There was enough room so we could live track everything together which is what we wanted to do, we wanted to match our live sound as much as possible.”

The band finished recording in July and wrapped up the album last month. As far as an album release party, Adley said since currently all of them are scattered across the country, they plan to do individual shows in each band member’s city.

“I live in Los Angeles temporarily, Michael’s in Norfolk, Liam is in Massachusetts and Clayton, our bass player is in Williamsburg,” he said. “Michael just came up with the idea of having multiple album release parties at our homes where we can live stream it.”

Clayton Perry, who recorded and produced the band’s first 2014 EP, Shut the Case, joined the group on bass about two years ago, but Griff’s Room Band has been playing since 2011.

The band’s previous two releases, “Wasted Time” and “Bad News” which we first told you about in 2015, will also appear on the upcoming album.

“They kind of fit with the rest of the sound of the album,” said guitarist Michael Cammarata. “Some of these songs we’ve been playing for awhile…as we played more and toured around we added drums, bass and electric guitar and its kind of developed into this newer, fresher, tighter arrangement. It’s pretty high energy and really fun to listen to.”

No RVA shows or tour in the works for now, but the band is hoping to get more shows on the books.

“The focus is getting this album out, trying to spread as far wide as we can, if opportunities arise, we’ll certainly consider those and we’d love to play more,” Cammarata said.

Griff’s Room Band debut album Heartbreak/Desire will drop Jan. 13 and you can get on Spotify, iTunes, and their Bandcamp page.

Words by Amy David