Riff Raff plans to name dogs at a Richmond animal shelter, play the National next Thursday, 1/19

Posted by: brad – Jan 11, 2017


Whether you love him, hate him, or don’t think about him much at all, rapper Riff Raff is coming to a currently unspecified animal shelter in Richmond ahead of his performance at the National on January 19th.

I sat down for a phone interview with Riff Raff, who initially seemed frustrated to find out that I was not, he said, “Cynthia, Riff Raff’s number one fan,” and when I did not know that his latest album is not Neon Icon, nor Peach Panther, but Aquaberry Aquarius.

I’m not particularly into the music, but I am intrigued by his style, and so my interview was doomed to a 'Between-Two-Ferns' style crash-and-burn from the jump. I’m not beating myself up too much. It’s hard to keep up, with all the colors of the candy paint rainbow at the rapper’s disposal for album names.

Recovering post-interview to do more research, if wWikipedia's given birth date of January 29 is to be believed, Riff Raff is in fact an Aquarius, also known as the Water Bearer of the zodiac. Breaking down the rapper’s birth name (also sourced from his wikipedia page as Horst Simco, which is of old-English and low-German origin, respectively, etymologically, he might also be identified as the “One Who Harkens the Undergrowth/a Large Bird’s Nest.” Deep. Layered. Much like what I can only imagine a “Versace sleeping bag” is like:

But even if I was Cynthia, we all know Riff Raff’s number one fan is Riff Raff, and for good reason. He's continuously inspired both in his music and his style by his "own imagination.”

However, besides his imagination, Riff Raff’s biggest fan is probably still not Cynthia, but his dogs, Jody and Holly Husky, named after Riff Raff’s own alter ego Jody Highroller. The performer said he uses his dogs as fashion consultants: “I say, Jody, aren’t you hot? And he says, nah, cause it’s never too hot for a nice fur coat.” Damn, he right.

Riff Raff is, no doubt, an animal lover. Not only does he own and responsibly groom -- “at the same place that Paris Hilton got her dog dyed pink”-- more than one dog, he is also making a point of “going to an animal adoption center in every city” during his tour, in the interest of increasing animal adoptions. In return, Riff Raff pledges to personally name every animal adopted as a result of his efforts.

As for his show at the National, Riff Raff says he is most excited about the new stage production crew he is working with, and the new light show that will accompany his performance.

“We’ve been working on this whole new light show, regardless of whether I’m on the stage or not, it’s a really cool light show,” said Riff Raff. “I’m not just out there rapping, I finally have the right show I want. And I have new music.”

His album Aquaberry Aquarius is scheduled to drop on January 29th, and the video for his single “Hit Me Up,” featuring singer Lisa Cimorelli, is scheduled to drop on January 16th. Tickets for his show at the National, including the option of a meet-and-greet package, can be found here. Tickets can be purchased day-of at the door, too.

Words by Gabriella Lacombe