'Family Room' highlights diverse work from Scalin family at Glave Kocen

Posted by: brad – Feb 01, 2017


While local artist Noah Scalin’s Skull-A-Day project might be more fresh in locals minds, he comes from a long line of gallery artists. And this weekend, Glave Kocen Gallery will offer up a unique look at just how deep those family roots go.

The idea came from Chuck, the family “patriarch” as his wife, Mim Golub, comically put it. He approached Glave Kocen about doing an exhibit himself. Realizing the gallery had some extra space, he asked if everyone in the family wanted to join in. But that doesn’t mean all of the artwork will be collaborative or even related. Everyone’s separate bodies of work will be present: from Noah’s use of mixed media and Mica’s (Noah's sister) photography to Chuck’s glass assemblages and Mim’s mail art, done by altering post cards.

“Everyone’s gonna be showing what they’ve been up to lately,” said Noah. “It’s a pretty diverse show and I think within each person’s body of work they’re going to show a range of stuff.”

According to Noah, it’ll be left to the audience to decide whether or not there is a connection between their individual pieces.

The title of the gallery, “Family Room” is fitting for obvious reasons, but there’s a story behind the clever name. Mim explained that the house Mica and Noah grew up in didn’t have a typical family room complete with couches and a TV. They had a studio, where the kids were always welcome to create their own art.

“Our big single room was our studio. Chuck and I had studio space together and it became the family room. The kids would use our art supplies and make stuff in there so that was the family room,” said Mim.

“The thing is is that was the most fun room to be in, a room filled with art materials and random stuff,” said Noah. “It was a great place to play and then when our friends would come over Mica and I would say ‘Let’s go play in the studio!’ and our friends would be like, what’s that?”

Sure enough, the artistic tendencies are still being passed down. According to Noah, he now has an in-house studio as well, where he’ll encourage his daughter to explore when she gets a bit older.

The family has been working hard on their own individual projects, but often collaborate, support, and inspire each other. Noah and his sister Mica co-authored a book this past year, “Creative Sprint: Six 30-Day Challenges to Jumpstart Your Creativity," to be released in April.

The book encourages readers to do daily creative projects for 30 days, and exemplifies the family’s originality, work ethic, and inspiring nature.

Noah said that his parents were a great source of inspiration for him when he was younger, especially in regards to their use of materials and the subject matter. He then asked his mom if she was inspired by himself and his sister.

“Oh, absolutely,” said Mim. According to her, seeing what Noah and Mica have been doing with social media in relation to their art has been particularly inspiring. She's since taken to documenting her own daily Creative Sprint challenges on her blog.

“That’s just what we do,” said Noah. “We find something exciting and turn each other on to it...there’s no naysaying to the creative impulse in my family.”

Come explore “Family Room: Scalin, Scalin, Scalin & Golub” for yourself starting Friday, February 3rd through February 25th at Glave Kocen gallery. You can also get to know them all better at the gallery talk after the opening on Friday evening, with a gallery talk on Saturday at 11:30 AM.

Words by Kathy Mendes