A quick guide to some of the best residencies at RVA music venues

Posted by: Amy – Feb 14, 2017


Any of us with an affinity for local music know the dismay of finding out about a great show as it’s happening or the day after. With so much fantastic live music pervading the city, and the busy personal schedules most of us keep, it can be difficult to keep tabs on approaching shows you would like to attend.

Luckily, a few great bands have residencies at some favorite Richmond venues.
Residencies are a great way to always know about an event that’s worth your night on a fixed day of the month. Bring some consistency to your show-going and mark your calendars.

Clair Morgan is holding it down at The Camel on the first Friday of every month. Along with bringing a regular serving of the catchiest melodic rock you’ll find anywhere, they bring the philanthropy. Each show goes to benefit local non-profits/charities. So far, that has included ACLU of Virginia and Art 180. Their upcoming show on March 3rd will be a Planned Parenthood benefit.

Feed your stomach and your soul every third Thursday of the month at Cary Street Cafe with the dynamic rock grooves of The Folly.

First Thursdays at The Camel you can catch the brassy banter of The Dharma Bombs stirring up a dance frenzy.

Also at The Camel, catch South Hill Banks on second Fridays keeping things chill with a nostalgic bluegrass sound.

Photo credit: MJ Photos

Every Monday night at The Answer Brewpub you can catch Mekong Xpress & The Get Fresh Horns while enjoying great draft specials.

Mekong Xpress & The Get Fresh Horns from Todd Raviotta on Vimeo.

Drop by Emilio’s on the first Wednesday of every month to hear some great jams courtesy of Space Koi.

If you have a yearning to get on stage yourself, fast-pace bluegrass locals Dalton Dash host an open mic night every Tuesday at Cary St. Cafe.

Words by Greg Rosenberg. Top image credit: Craig Zirpolo