Bay grass update #3: I need therapy

Posted by: brad – Feb 16, 2017


We have growth!

You read that correctly, I repeat, I have actually managed to grow something and keep it alive. The seedlings have grown into real life blades of grass. It looks very much like you would expect. If you’ve been outside lately and seen those little green things sprouting out of the ground, that is what’s happening here.

It says a lot about the circle of life, when you think about it.

We all live, and then we die. Is there really even a point? Is it worth it if they’ll just grow up to discover that life is nothing but pain and suffering? What have I done by bringing them into this world?

Nietzsche once said, “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.”

Anyway, happy Thursday! Embrace the void.

This post is part of our continuing involvement in the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's "Grasses for the Masses" project. Read more about it here and stay tuned for weekly updates as our bay grasses move from seedlings to planting in the Bay proper.

Words by Kathy Mendes