Acid Mothers Temple at Smatter to bring the most psychedelic 4/20 in Richmond, man

Posted by: brad – Mar 14, 2017


For connoisseurs of the combustible herbage, wacky tobaccy, herbal refreshment, etc. (thanks, Online Slang Dictionary), 4/20 is more than a day to smoke - even more than a day to get absolutely zonked.

Most of you don't need an occasion for that, do you? But for some, 4/20 is a cultural event, the de facto calendar day to roll up that fatty-boom-ba-latty in the right company and within reasonable proximity to satiating grub.

4/20 is to getting high as the 4th of July is to Patriotism, without the whole freedom schtick (#LegalizeIt?).

Lucky for you, Strange Matter is gonna have the eats and the ambiance you didn't know you needed, until now; in the form of Japanese Psychedelic rock masters Acid Mothers Temple (obviously, you're gonna have to get lit in standard pregame fashion).

Acid Mothers Temple (& the Melting Paraiso U.F.O.) are going to be bogarting the Strange Matter stage, lighting it up like, I don't know, Shabbat candles or something - whatever people light up, man.

Acid Mothers Temple have been playing in an ever-changing line-up since 1995. They set out with one true mission - to create “extreme trip music,” assumedly not for a Griswold family vacation.

With reverb saturated guitar licks gliding around the ethereal sounds of chimes and whistles not of this Earth, each song feels like journey through space. Ambient buildups, plateaus of guitar harmonies, boisterous drums and tempo in constant flux make for a beyond captivating live performance.

The group has gone through many member changes, with Kawabata Makoto being the remaining original member. The collective has sprouted offshoots of the original project, but Acid Mothers Temple remains the most notable.

On the identity of the band, Makoto says, “the true manifestations of Acid Mothers Temple are many - Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O., Acid Mothers Temple & the Cosmos Inferno, Acid Mothers Temple SWR. The future may see yet other groups bearing similar names. But each and all of them will be true manifestations of Acid Mothers Temple.”

Acid Mothers Temple will be joined by Babylon. Doors open at 8 pm - $13 for advance tickets $15 day of show (18+).

Find out more here.

If Acid Mothers Temple isn't your thing, there is A MESS of great shows that night -

The Camel - Tweed, Deaf Scene, Disco Risque

The National - Perpetual Groove

The Broadberry - Fear of Music: a Talking Heads tribute

Happy Holidays, bruh.

Words by Greg Rosenberg