Mess of RVA, Virginia Bands heading to the East Coat's best indie music fest - MacRock 2017

Posted by: brad – Mar 16, 2017


It's that time of year again - The Mid Atlantic College Rock... something, I don't think they use that acronym anymore.... anywho, MACROCK is a dope ass festival in Harrisonburg that brings a ton of up-and-coming acts to the Commonwealth and it's always a good time.

This year's line up features some of our favorite RVA bands, some more great projects from across the state we've never heard of... and then some even more interesting acts from around the country. The best part is I haven't heard most of the stuff which is what makes this fest so great: you get to learn about new tunes before everyone else. And you get to say you saw them before they blew up.

In it's 20th year, it's also an incredibly diverse fest with all types of genres represented. From hip hop to metal to experimental to electronic dance to ambient, you'll have many chances across many stages to catch a ton of different tracks.

MacRock happens over two days (4/7-8) across multiple venues - there's also talks and workshops and a label expo, but it seems a lot of that is still getting programmed.

Check out some stand out acts, as well as all the acts from RVA/Virginia below:

Stand out national headliners:

Swan Meat - Do you like your music to challenge you? Then you'll enjoy this DC/Chicago-based weirdo:

RP BOO - do you like to dance? Do you like aggressive booty shaking? Nice sampling and gross bass are sure to be involved in this show:

RHIN - How about brutal, riff-driven metal from West Virginia? These guys are channeling some serious mid-90's Marilyn Manson.Tool in the best way:

As for local Richmond acts hitting the fest, check out our list below and click the names to hear what it sounds like - a like a Speak and Spell but for good local tunes and its on a computer so you use a mouse. So its nothing like a Speak and Spell.

Sha Shakusky - Funky modern electro beats, trans-made

MAJJIN BOO - math rock

Cold Beaches - bluesy, female-made rock

Ashes - slimy rock

Yaya - solo female alt-emo

Wester Green - Americana indie

Antiphons - india/"bummer" rock

Unsacred - black metal

Hobo Knife - black metal

Stone Woman - stoner metal

Brandon Hurtado - ambient experimental

Gemstone - noisy experimental, female made

Jaguardini - bit-trip electro

Pete Curry - sweet meats for your sweat meat

And tons more from across the Commonwealth:

Zooanzoo - experimental electro - Harrisonburg

Hair Cut - female punk/hardcore - Charlottesville

Grayling Skyy - hip hop - Harrisonburg

TheVoiceofSaturn - ambient electronic jamz - Charlottesville

Maxx Katz - flute/guitar/female looped jamz? - Charlottesville/ W&M

Diseased Earth - doom metal - Staunton

The Vomiting Dinosaurs - (awesome band name!) metal - Winchester

Wes Swing - modern cello jamz - somewhere in the Commonwealth

Gold Connections - alt rock and roll - Charlottesville

True Body - post-punk - Somewhere in the Commonwealth

ING - emo/progressive indie - Charlottesville

Hook Field - alt rock - Somewhere in the Commonwealth - Count Opal - Leesburg - math rock

Words by Brad Kutner