MC Chicken returns with new trap-beat record and it's good but still a little bit creepy

Posted by: brad – Apr 06, 2017


When I first heard McChicken I knew there would be some challenges involved for some folks, but a new beat track record highlights the rapper and jazz musician's true talents.

MC Chicken's "River Rat" days might be a bit in the past with a new full length, Grease Trap, that dropped earlier this year, but he hasn't slowed down. We picked up on Chicken's (real name Macon Mann) jazz-influenced talents and appreciation for trap music when we wrote about that release, and we're stoked to see him take those skills and apply them in a more accessible manor.

"I got some advice from a few people that an all instrumental project from me might be well received," he said in a message to RVAMag. "Having recently acquired new production knowledge from my friend DJ Gringo, I thought it was time to get down and dirty on some beats."

The product of that venture is available below and here via soundcloud:

All the tracks, heavy on the bass - light on the vocals, channel Chicken's years of song writing skills developed at VCU's Jazz program but filter them through the lens of dirty basement trap music. He's also got some fairly psychedelics stuff on here - there's a lot going on - anime samples, squeaky bleeps, crunchy synth tones; I'm enjoying it.

The DJ Gringo he mentioned also helped out on Grease Trap. But there appears to be another team up this time around, YAMUMOTO, whose own trap history is worth diving in to.

And it appears the grease-magnate, orphan-exploiting business man and alter Ego character has returned as well.

"This year take your springtime serenade at historic MC Chicken lake - where all your dreams come true but only if you whisper all your worries into the lake, take a bath in the lake, eat some butter in the lake," read's the albums description. "And of course.... lick the lake."

Maybe he's channeling the waters of Lake Minnetonka?

Keep up with MC Chicken on facebook here.

Words by BK Top image via Scout Ries