Absurdist comedy troop Wham City Comedy heads to Black Iris Gallery this weekend

Posted by: brad – Apr 21, 2017


With millions of views on Youtube, as well as one of the weirdest Adult Swim video's I've ever seen, I'm pretty excited to see Baltimore-based collective Wham City Comedy do their thing at Black Iris Gallery this weekend.

Avid AS fans might recall the group's name for their 2014 video "Unedited Footage of a Bear," which features less bear-footage and more terror inducing info regarding a dangerous prescription med that seems to lead folks on a nightmare-fueled hallucination. Check it out below:

While that might stand out to some, it's Wham City's earlier work that I still remember fondly. Back in the early days of Youtube Wham City had their fingers in the bizzar voice mail-turned animated video known as "Drinking outta Cups":

Made up of Ben O'Brien, Alan Resnick and Robby Rackleff, Wham City Comedy is a comedy & video collective based in Baltimore known for their bizarre viral videos and absurdist presentational performances. They never repeat material so they only tour once a year - don't miss your chance!

Black Iris is located at 321 W. Broad - you can snag tickets early at Steady Sounds or at the door for $10.