Posted by: Tony – Jul 07, 2009


Emory is the PSY/OPSogist and the PSY/OPSogist is

A) A sex machine sent from the future to make babies.
B) A hypnotist taking you on a journey through your unconscious.
C) A local musician who makes beats in his basement and wants to be heard.

How about all of the above, though I might have to ask his wife about the first one I can safely say the other two are legit. He makes beats with voiceovers that put you in a trance and take you on a audio trip. Perfect for those long work nights or backyard conversations sipping on some Maker's.

Emory, what's with the title "Kings Of Sleep" ?
It's from a short story by William Gibson called The Winter Market. A character named Lise makes an album called Kings Of Sleep. It's a really dark story that got in my head.

When listening to this album you are definitely pushing a mood, can you talk about that for a minute?
The mood is what ever you get out of it. I don't want to tag it with anything. Basically I try to make a soundtrack that can be in the background while you read or do stuff, or you can throw some headphones on and get lost in it. A dreamy landscape of sound. Atmospheric Headphone Music.

You recently had a feature in High Times Magazine. Do you read it for the award winning content or the great photography?
Really I hadn't seen one of those since I was in High School. I bought it at a Barnes and Noble with 6 books for my daughter on top of it. The clerk looked at me pretty funny. I almost told him I was in it, then I realized that would just make it worse.

Top 3 musicians all time.
Pink Floyd
Flaming Lips (in all their incarnations)
Bob Dylan

Top 3 local musicians.
Scott Hudgins (Aurora Paralysis, Brain Flowr, Slaing Loas, Tulsa
Drone, ENE, Hex Machine) Always love what he does.
Pen Rollins (Honor Role, Breadwinner, Butterglove, Loincloth)
John Parton (Hose Got Cable, RPG)

Are you on a label?
My friend Jeff Hathaway does digital distribution for me under the name Beat Guild Records. My daughter wants to start a record label called Kacautious Records for the stuff I do. She's 6 so it may take awhile to get it of the ground. Really my goal with all of this stuff I do is to get something pressed on vinyl. You guys want to start a label?

Why should people donate $$$ to own this record besides the fact that
I think it is really good?

So I can press vinyl one day.

If you had to be either Master or Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which one would you be?
This is a tough one. On one hand Master is a genius. That can lead to a pretty overwhelming life. Blaster is a simple dude who just happens to be all buff. I would say Blaster. Aside from the fact he dies he is happy.

"we don't need another hero..."

Totally true.
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The direct link to download the album -
Check it out in the RVA Magazine podcast section.