Interview with Prabir & The Goldrush

Posted by: – Nov 24, 2009


Prabir and The Goldrush will be playing Six Burner on Nov 27, 2009. The project started when Prabir Mehta (of Prabir and the Substitutes) joined forces with two classicaly trained musicians (Matthew and Treesa Gold) to bring together their mutual love for Beethoven and The Beatles.

The instrumentation is a blend that does not happen too often. The double bass and the violin have to share the same stage as the electric guitar. Even with this scaled back instrumentation the songs/pieces bring plenty of energy on their own.

Each respective member brings their favorite parts of rock music or classical music to the table and then collides them into one another's playing. The meshing of these two worlds creates a very unique blend of music that is both familiar yet surprisingly refreshing. The trio has been working on these songs for over a month and are excited to display the new songs...err..pieces...err..songs...whatever.

J Seger will be joing the bill to kick off the night. Come enjoy some new music from Prabir and the Gold Rush on Black Friday at Six Burner.

Video: Ben Muri

Words: Prabir Mehta