Hardcore Review: Backtrack, Fire & Ice, Title Fight, and more

Posted by: – Jul 19, 2010


It was hotter than hell, so loud you couldn’t hear yourself scream, and so crowded you felt like a sardine in a can, but given the lineup, none of this came as any surprise. It was Tough Luck, Dead End Path, Stick Together, Back Track, Daylight, Fire and Ice, and Title Fight.

The kids came out of the woodwork for this one, and the place was packed before the opening band even struck a chord. There were plenty of familiar faces, and some new ones, but regardless, the stage was well set for a great show and a great night.

While the show itself was pretty standard fair, it’s this writer’s humble opinion that the real bangers of the evening had to be Back Track, Fire and Ice (who were celebrating a recent record release) and Title Fight. With their set coming almost directly at the midpoint of the night, the duties of reviving the energy of the crowd and preparing everybody for the closing acts fell right on the shoulders of the guys in Long Island’s Back Track, who took the responsibility in stride and killed it, drawing an impressive crowd reaction regardless of the early timing of their set, and placing the bar high for the acts to follow.

Local act Fire and Ice hit the stage hard and didn’t let up until their set was over. It comes as no surprise that the crowd went nuts for these guys, who were celebrating the release of their new 7”, Grim. Front man David Herzing lead the charge, fiery and tight as ever, and collectively the band didn’t miss a step, playing an all-around great set, as fun as it was heavy.

Pennsylvania’s pop-punk group Title Fight filled up the closing slot, and as usual, there were kids hanging from the ceiling before they started the first song. The most interesting thing about these guys besides their music, which is fast, relatively hard, and tightly executed, is the absolute chaos they inspire at any given moment of their set, regardless of who they play with. Crowds rightfully go wild for Title Fight, forming a giant, roiling, human mass all around the stage. They’re a definite fan favorite, and it’s going to be interesting to see where their musical path takes them.

All in all, it was a great show, offering hours of music from some newer, fresher bands, and some current favorites. The show space itself, as well as the generous, hard-working individuals running it, was great as usual, and everybody had a good time and left happy. Many thanks to the bands, the fans, and once again, the folks running the show, for a hell of a fun night like can only be had in the River City.

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Words and photos by Jonny. Thanks to Nathan Congleton for technical support.