Posted by: Tony – Aug 21, 2010


At a time when Virginia radio stations are cutting local programing to make room for syndicated shows from major markets, WHAN1430AM is going against the grain. The Gods of the Bobble Heads is a relatively new show that's first broadcast was Saturday, May 1st. "The show is more of a variety format where we produce funny skits, fake commercials, and offer a forum for local people to promote themselves to a diverse audience they can't find elsewhere." say Dan Anderson, one of the shows creators, better known as Pasta Fagioli (fazool). When asked, co-creator John "Johny Cab" Massey said: "From hip-hop to indie-rock, film-makers and authors, there truly is something here for everyone...As a struggling artist myself, I wish I had a resource like this show when I was trying to promote my own music."

The Gods of the Bobble Heads is overflowing with edgy content, so it's not for sensitive people, or those with a weak stomache. It was created with the tastes of the ever-evolving tastes of the 18-35 yo consumer in mind. "We don't discriminate against anyone, for any reason, because of that, nothing is off limits short of FCC restrictions." says Brandon "Baby Huey" Fox, the most recent addition to the motley crew known as The Bobblegods.The shows diverse group of guests include indie rock band Make Phantoms, author JJ McMoon, and and stand-up comedian Patrick McCarthy just to name a few. "We've been blessed to have great guests so early on, but we'd like to diversify further by adding professional fighters, skateboarders, and street preformers to the list." says Pasta.

Smart, funny, edgy, and humble, The Gods of the Bobble Heads is exactly the kind of radio that Richmond needs. A soap-box for locals, the Bobblegods invite everyone to submit their music for regular rotation. Anyone who feels they have something for the bobble heads can apply to be on the show at in the contact section. The show can be heard every Saturday from 8-10 pm on WHAN 1430am in Ashland, or live at anywhere in the world. "It's all about accessibility...every Sunday we turn the Sat. show into a podcast on our site so people who missed it live can download and listen to it anytime." says Baby Huey. Low-brow humor with intelectual undertones, the show is enjoyable now, but continues to get better with every broadcast.

Either way, it's sure to make your head bobble.