DAILY RECORD: Nick Coward And The Last Battle

Posted by: Necci – Oct 05, 2010


Nick Coward And The Last Battle - Kings EP (

Nick Coward is an incredibly smart songwriter. Through examination of his songwriting decisions as well as his remarkable lyrical content, the talent involved in his work becomes quite clear. That is probably what makes his new EP, Kings, a satisfying release by one of Richmond’s more promising acts.

Each song presents itself as a portion of a greater story that is played out over the course of this recording. Coward is at his best when a strong melody is incorporated alongside intelligent lyrical observations. With both components in play, it allows his orchestra, The Last Battle, to instill a vigor and pulse into each phrase and beat. The final product is an octalogy complete with bookends, drama and reflection that engage the listener on all fronts.

After the release of the modest Ghosts EP, it was difficult to assume the direction the group would take. From our current perspective, Kings makes sense as a followup. If you take into account Coward's previous band, Belles, which featured Coward at the helm along with some of his current Last Battle cohorts, the louder rock moments on Kings make perfect sense. That may be why they are so effective. Nick Coward and the Last Battle are able to encompass what made Belles so enthralling, incorporating those elements into this release without sacrificing any of the integrity of their current project along the way. What we are left with is a strong EP that should only encourage and inspire their peers, as well as winning over new legions of fans inside and outside of our fair city.

By Shannon Cleary