Johnny Hugel


Johnny Hugel is a hopeless multi-tasker who spends many an evening writing about the distractions (across film, tv, comedy and the web) that keep him from focusing on his own projects, as scattered as they may be.


Sun Karma


Sun Karma is a model with an edge. She is innovative, creative,unique, and funky with her own
gothic/glamour/harajuku personal style and is a darling in front of the camera.She is a style chameleon.

Having been named one of Hustler Magazine s Most Exotic Women in 2007- she has continued her reign in film and television as well as appearing in several other magazine such as Prick magazine (tattoo magazine), Black Men's Magazine and Urban Ink Magazine.

She is an accomplished Makeup artist (, Published Author (, and DJ ( as well as an avid gamer (PC and Console)and costumer in her free time.

She currently is the Roving Reporter for Hustler magazine.


S. Preston Duncan


Currently living a life of residential transience with his dog and cat, Preston is, on his better days, a writer, artist, songwriter, poet, activist, and naked in the James River. On any given Sunday you can find him swilling mimosas, riding his old Yamaha motorcycle, waxing poetic over the subtleties of whatever, or simply howling at the Great Blue Herons by the pipeline.

Director Todd Raviotta at the river.jpg

Todd Raviotta


Raviotta has been a supporter of and consultant for RVA since the beginning. Todd has provided coverage of Richmond's underground/indie filmmaking scene in addition to the bigger motion picture industries efforts in Virginia. He has documented live shows, arts & music events, also writing film reviews for the magazine and website, Raviotta has created some of the viral video promotions for RVA. Ongoing updates can be found at his blog and video sites. He produces his own media under Natural Science Productions.

Media Blog:


Our small company has been expanding lately. The RVA Brand includes:

INKWELL: INKWELL is the umbrella company sheltering the community activist and creative endeavors of R. Anthony Harris, Jeremy Parker, John Reinhold and Adam Sledd. RVA Magazine (with in-house ad agency), RVATV, online magazine Born Ugly and Services By Inkwell all operate under Inkwell Design LLC. Our mission is to offer multiple media platforms for exposure and inspiration for local ar tists, musicians and raconteurs. We endeavor to push Richmond forward into national and international noteriety as an incubator for progressive ideas.

We're Richmond's unofficial image consultant and biggest cheerleader. We even the playing field between the monied and the inspired - and oftentimes serve as a bridge between the two.

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